12 Important Safety Functions on Our Cars We Don't Think

All right, this is a different topic and probably not the most obvious. But I guarantee that some of us will be a little more informed, people will feel even better if they work tomorrow. Whether you are a consumer or an automotive sales consultant, this article lists a dozen important safety features that can be found on every car in the car. Consumers can become aware of what's on today's cars only if they meet the seller who is not the most complete in their product knowledge. Finally, sales advisers can enhance their presentations with these delicious goods and increase their potential commissions. So the main safety features on the outside of the car are not good.

# 1 Crushing Zones – The basis of today's cars, this is the harmonious flow of many body panels and brackets that absorb the normally associated energy crashes. Parts such as the hood, bumper, and mudguards are designed as an accordion, so they lose the shock in random situations. light beam, driving beam and turning signals. The headlights come from the front or rear of the car to the side. Not only are halogen headlamps brighter and wider than the use of reflective cuts in the chamber, but people around our blind spots can easily know the intentions of the band changer. As a result, fewer accidents occur

# 3-Breakaway Motor Mounts – These brackets fix the engine to the car's frame. Not noticeable, but the life-saving effect is enormous. In the event of a frontal collision, it is specifically designed to break the engine from the frame and slide the engine under the car at an angle of 45 degrees.

# 4 Steel Belt Radials – It's pretty obvious that tires are very important safety features, that's what keeps the car on the road. Tires are made of steel fibers, how do they help? Well, motorists will keep calm that tires will stop in the most extreme conditions. These belts also provide longer life for these tires. Less maintenance in the long run

# 5-ventilated disc brakes – Just as important as tires, disc brakes stop the car. The brakes are made of rotor, cushions and calipers. The rotors are designed with internal blades to aid heat. This helps to protect against fading and is less likely to improve brakes.

# 6-side impact door beams – like crushing zones, this helps to absorb energy in a side collision. These are steel intrusion beams inside the door that allow extra reinforcement.

# 7-Laminated Windshield – This may be important, this is the object that keeps the errors from our teeth and the rain from our hair. The windshield consists of two hardened glasses with laminated sheets between them. This is a glass sandwich that blends well with crisp or heavy objects.

# 8-Tempered Safety Glass-Another glass that offers us 360 degree protection, also with safety. The automotive glass is heat treated, so when it breaks, it breaks down many small cubes.

# 9-Child safety door locks – As the name implies, there are small locks inside the rear door (4-door sedan or season only). Close them and the little boys sitting in the back seat can't open and pull the inner door handles while we are driving.

# 10-5 mph bumpers – I qualify this car as a safety feature. In the event that the driver easily reaches the light trail, grocery store, etc. At 5 mph or less, it is unlikely that significant structural damage will occur. Nowadays, the government has set a 2.5mph limit, most car manufacturers have a 5mph version.

# 11 Central Brake Lamp Center Brake – This is just a 3rd brake light that is larger than the two main brake lights and most cars have them. Its main goal is to make drivers aware of their braking intent behind the drivers, and generally the 6-10 cars can see it well.

# 12 – Building Cages – Think of a built-in skateboard, the main exo – the most protective bracelet feature. It protects 360 degrees in every random situation. The car or forklift can literally be turned upside down on the roof, with a 1.5x cage weight. Nothing is more important.

So we have a short security list, hopefully the readers need this information. And maybe it is more aware of how safe the cars are. Safety is no longer just determined by airbags and alarm systems, but our everyday drivers are designed as a human body. All this is to make our contribution, a safer one

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