1970 Nova – sub frame cleaning

After every attempt you can imagine when I reset the cars, I find that the simplest is the better, the strongest De-Greasers and the high-pressure washer and we learned that nova is now restored, right.

Did you think a high-pressure washer would be the best way to go or high-strength De-Greasers, but we learned the car that the elbow grease and the good old washes were the best way to be ultra clean. Yes, it takes a little longer, but it does a lot better job.

The rust that kills the paintings that we paint on frames looks better, cleaner and brighter, overall income this time is much better at this time, so it did and can not run in work and it is always a better exit, the longer you spend the cleaning, the clearer it will be.

As you know, if you ever painted your car in your life, the cleaner the better, the recovery is always to make the output possible, the car and the money to work together, the more money you spend right.

So now this perfectly clear sub frame from the nova, with a little magic and a little slip, we remove the pictures in the frame and get ready for toner. As dust15 was shipped to the frame, we noticed how gently we are, even with dust15, what is our first jacket, then the sand and our two last jackets.

The time spent in the cleaning process is worth it, one thing you should not miss when you manually grind the frame, detect every detail and make the laundry much cheaper than the DE grows.

So there, you save money and get a better deal, that's something that's not much in this business, usually paying more for better exit. So this is really a bonus, it takes a little longer, but saves you money and does a better job, try it.

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