2004-2006 Pontiac GTO – is it worth the GTO name?

Pontiac is guilty of revision history in the 2005 GTO sales brochure. In the publication, the GTO's 41-year history is an important milestone. The 1964 model naturally leads the timeline. After all, this car seriously violated the 1957 anti-competitive law and uniquely defined the category of completely new cars. The 1966 GTO mentions the first of the Ram-Air models, followed by the 1964 400cc, then in 1969 the legendary GTO judge. From 1970 to 2004, the timeline is empty. It looks like the Pontiac would cut off the memory of the powerful swine 1971-72 GTO or the underdeveloped Nova-born 1973 models. Of course, there is no mention of the little girl's Grand-Am based GTO concept, which GM showed in the early nineties in the show circle.

The most famous icon in muscle history is to evaluate Pontiac's selective corporate memory. However, they raise legitimate questions about the 2005 GTO. Is this car worthy of GTO? Will the new GTO be remembered 20 years ago as one of the "greats", or would the memory of Stalinist cleansing be the victim of the record?

In our opinion, the 2005 GTO is the perfect modern interpretation of many of the legendary 1964 GTO. We're driving you to drive one, because driving a car is to love this car.

We were honored to have a pulse blue 2005 GTO six speeds at Josephs Pontiac, Norwell, Massachusetts. Since 1928, Josephs has been selling and arranging Pontiacs and resembling a respectable and loving southern shore to some of the friendliest people he is likely to encounter. This family is familiar with Pontiac and speaks of the classic and future Pontiac, with obvious passion. It's a place where your neighbors drift to chat over coffee and you're so likely to see Aerosmith Steven Tyler stop in a fuel tank. Compared to the soulless car mega shopping malls, Josephs Pontiac creates a direct link to the right time – and there is no cooler place to test a legendary Pontiac brand.

Let's start with styling – it's arguably the most controversial issue around the 2005 GTO. Car magazines critically criticize Pontiac for ultra-conservative styling, which neglects car performance. We say critics are idiots – or at least they are fully aware of the original GTO design philosophy. The 1964-67 GTO was never the visual blind. John DeLorean and Jim Wangers started the spare and unattainable Tempest body. They have added a tasteful hooded bonnet, attractive wheelchairs and sophisticated sophisticated badges on the lattice, mudguard and deck. You had to look to pick up the visual clues, and we will welcome a lot of people who came with the early GTOs for a moment. The GTO was not released for drivers. It was a powerful machine with a low visual profile and spoke on the stop lamp and the dragstrip.

Economic and political considerations were also involved in the initial styles of GTOs. The GTO market was uncertain to minimize Pontiac's youngest mid-range coupon of the existing product portfolio. John DeLorean's Pontiac Division was also forced to walk because he was afraid to receive unfavorable attention from the horsepower GM CEO. Whatever the reason, the 1964-67 GTO is considered to be one of the most beautiful and vanquished styling muscles in the era.

The 2005 GTO is the perfect form of original style and economic interpretation. To reduce costs and keep the market short, Pontiac has kept the world-wide component to find the best coupback in the Holden Monaró in Australia. The lines are narrow, clean and tasty. The GTO mark is fine, just like twin non-functional hood bumps. As in 1964, it is necessary to look for delicate visual clues as to the true nature of the car. During the day, the gearboxes learn to quickly distinguish the big booty from the fire. Rarely was glossy paint, dark graphics and chrome wheels. The most serious cars were often the most spectacular – and learned to look for the small "426 Hemi" mudguards or the steel wheels with the DOT legal Mickey Thompsons. You've learned the 305-degree cam or the intermittent inaction. And so is the 2005 GTO. You need to know what you are looking for.

Car manufacturers will not catch it and probably will not recognize it. And that's okay with us. The 2005 GTO is for people who are confident in their own skin – people who prefer kicks and names under the radar screen. People like you and me.

In 2005, Pontiac responded to styling criticisms by adding the aforementioned bonnet and optional Sport release kit. Our test car was incredibly lacking in this opportunity. We encourage you to boycott the Sport Appearance package as it is the ominous return of Pontiac's worst structure in the eighties. The front foil is round and hammer, as well as the outlet "gills" above the quad outlet exhaust pipes. We are worried that if enough people buy this nonsense, GM will interpret this reckless market approval and return to the "tickling chicken" and the Mustang Cobra II days. Just say NO!

So what's the 2005 GTO as a management? Mana baby, pure mana! The whole frame doors open and close with a solid mandrel – and the upper window frame promises wind, rattle and leaking glass. The interior is simply GM's best. Ever. The entire instrument cluster is readable – in brushed nickel and in outer coating. Our pulse blue tester was an unexpected and elegant touch. The interior panels were matte with a soft soft touch – which dramatically improved the GM's traditional shiny hard plastic interior. The interior is good, the seat is comfortable and the viewing angles are good. The only criticism that can be placed on the steering wheel in the interior. Though you feel good in your hands, the middle cap looks like a huge, stupid Shriners hat. This car needs a steering wheel that emulates the beautiful GM rucksack from the 1960s.

Screw in the key and the starter assembly connects satisfactorily and significantly faster as if it were overwhelmed by a large compressed large block. The 6.0 LS2 V8 comes to life and the exhaust sound is frightening. Deep, soft and turquoise, no chewing feel. Unscrew the throttle valve and the pipes will override the circle and the pounds will fall. Think of a big block of electric boat and it will be close to the effect. Close your eyes and again in 1969!

Clutch engagement is smooth and dead. With a torque of 400 lb / ft (SAE net!), The GTO is clean and crisp with small drive chains. The six-speed Tremec Trans easily, with the right mechanical strain, easily reminds you of what is happening at the other end of the arm. Especially nice touch is the slight crossing vibration accelerated in the third gear. Anyone who drives a Muncie M22, Ford Toploader or MoPar A833 through a Hurst Transmitter knows this feeling. There is a generation that was erected in cable-shaped rubber-insulated gearboxes that have nothing to do with what it feels like.

Travel is solid and accurate and does not reach sharp stiffness. Steering is satisfactorily sharp, with excellent turning and good road feel. The GTO follows the rough sidewalk straight and fair. There are no screams and rattles, and the GTO emits a strong rigidity and stiffness to the Porsche 928. This is a car that can be used on a daily basis – just as deftly as grandma as in bingo as in the back road. 19659002] The GTO LS2 is a true 400 horsepower. Before the 1972 SAE gross rating, it is likely to be 470 BHPs at the flywheel. Compression is a stratospheric 10.9 and lightweight valve rod, effective cylinder head connection and 90mm throttle body make this engine a smooth, powerful and rev-screaming screamer. Think of it for a moment. 400 horsepower for $ 33,000 – or for a pony $ 82.50. And you can serve it in the thousands of GM sales countries for pocket change. And 25 MPGs will be in the EPA highway cycle. Given the tremendous steps in the quality of GM products over the last decade, it is a reasonable expectation that GTO only requires routine maintenance in a prudent and conscientious ownership.

The 1996 Porsche 911 Turbo is powered by 400 horsepower and $ 120,000 ($ 300). The 2000 M5 400 horse was made by a horse, $ 80,000 ($ 200). And the matrix of these teutonic supercrames is only the minimum ante. Think of $ 200 in oil change, $ 1000 routine maintenance account, and you have an idea. These are not cars for you and me. These wagons are foundations that are known and hated at the university. The GTO is like a normal car like in 1964.

This car is flat cranks – and the LS2 is all-in-all, from idle to 6500 redline. The LS2 is really alive in more than 3,000 rpm, and when you stand on the pedal in the first or second, the wheel must point straight ahead – the tires are cut off. Under much finer throttle inlets, the GTO accelerates without histrionics – just a liquid, seemingly unlimited rush to the upper limit of the speedometer. Modern motor control ensures that there are no flat spots in the fuel and spark traffic. Think of the well-tuned LS-6 Chevelle, and you will be in the low-profile soccer field for how easy the GTO is to accelerate. The gearbox is directly fitted with well-defined gates and has the right gearbox for the supercar. The exhaust is heavenly, but not so loud that his wife is shrinking in his chair from the awkward situation.

This is a very serious performance car and we would be surprised if the GTO would not be good for a sub -5 second dash to 60. The quarter mile time should be around 13.30 at 108 MPH. These are tremendous numbers and are far better than any GTO in the past – including the legendary 1969-70 Ram-Air IV. This is only a matter of time for companies such as Lingenfelter not start compressor kits and stroker LS2 engines – so if the warehouse is not fast enough, the 500 HP GTOs can not be far away.

So, what's the conclusion? We believe that the 2005 GTO is a real and at most the true spiritual successor to the original. The style is beautiful, the interior is exceptional and the driving experience is both comfortable and exciting. This is NOT a car for the "bling bling" crowd who seems to live and endlessly persecutes the approval of their expert group. This is a car for self-confident power enthusiasts who appreciate the material over the style. This is a car for GTO people.

We want this car to be successful because it is not only the return of GM, but Ford and Daimler-Chrysler. We urge you to lead – because they are likely to buy it!

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