2011 Ferrari 599 GTO Review

Ferrari has unduly made the best cars on this planet. With laborious, masculine V12s that deliver high-performance and torque to high-speed V8s that cool their blood, Ferrari will certainly be able to choose from a large number of models to capture enthusiastic fans. What would they expect when Ferrari introduces its fastest roadway? The Ferrari racial version has genetically engineered components created by crazy scientists in the secret caves and the largest Ferrari engine. (ie, until the FF has come) You now have the experience that Ferrari is putting your face down and you want every Ferrari in the Ferrari 599 GTO 2011.

The 599 GTB is not blended with the Fiorano model, the 599 GTO is essentially a patented version of GTB Fiorano and 599XX. This kind of hybrid to talk about is one of the basics of an enthusiastic racing animal and the behavior and presentation of the Ferrari Grand Tourer. Did someone mention the gas mileage? I don't think anyone will take care of it if they fly at a speed between 0 and 60 mph in 3.35 seconds at a speed of 208 mph.

That's great for Cletus from Alabama, "My Mustang is running for 9 seconds," but don't tell me if you're going around a corner, Translate faster than Ford Explorer with Firestone tires. This 599 GTO will cry when you realize that the Ferrari Fiorano race track is 1 minute and 1 second faster than the legendary Ferrari Enzo.

Exemption of information and engineering time around 599XX enabled Ferrari to create GTO, which means Grand Tourer Omologato. In Italian this means that this 599 is homogeneous or essentially accepted and officially transformed from the 599XX race track. In other words, the blood and organs of the superfamily 599XX run on the 599 GTO, but meet the street legal requirements. The front V12, which holds 5999 ccs or 5.99 liters, compresses 599 GTO with 661 horsepower at 8250 rpm and 460 lb-ft at 6500 rpm. Like the Ferrari F1 transmission, like the 599XX, the 599 GTO is capable of changing gears at 60mm speed, with little time to cut off a quiet pressure.

Unlike Cletus & # 39; pull the Mustang, the 599 GTO chassis setting is critical for monitoring performance performance. Ferrari claims that the 599 GTO has matched the "handling limit" with electronic stability controls and a magnetorheological suspension control system, where consequently the underride has been virtually eliminated. The car's response and lap times can therefore be attributed to the incredible amount of engineering reasons associated with vehicle dynamics. Better suspension, springs, roller rods, traction control and brakes are extremely responsive to the driver. Strong braking, sharper turns, faster cornering and, of course, higher power out of the corners can be a solid reason to unlock your wallet straps.

Like the homogenization of the racetrack, weight reduction is the legal version of the road. Ferrari has decided to place its choice in the comfort of the leather seats instead of the comfortable leather seats. Use light stains such as thinner aluminum panels or thinner glass components. These small modifications in the entire car contributed to the total dry curve weight of 1,495 kg (3,296 lbs), 193 kg (425 kg) lighter than the GTOs and the lower brother, 1,688 kg (3,721 lbs) GTB Fiorano.

Only 599 production units are built and sold for a $ 426,843 MSRP, which is more than $ 116,300 than the selling price of GTB Fiorano for $ 310,543. This seems expensive, but considering the car mentioned above and the fact that the GTO is a Ferrari, it is really a good deal. Think about it, half the price of the rare and expensive Enzo looks better than Pierce Brosnan's face and came from the threat of the 599XX racing car. There is no better way to consider the 599 GTO as being exactly what Ferrari calls "the fastest way to go Ferrari."

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