Children and hotels

Some hotels are family-friendly. So there's a pool, maybe a game room, a playground, things for kids. Others can not be children friendly, but every hotel has guests who expect kids to behave themselves during their stay. If you have a child who is athletes such as hockey, basketball or football, there is much time

Mercedes 126 Repair – A Great Idle Saga

One of the most common Mercedes 126 repair challenges is a big idle. Generally, the mechanically simple mechanism of the culprit electronic, but sometimes the throttle, solves the problem. Of course, older engines are likely to suffer from a variety of suction vacuum leaks, and these can also cause idle problems. Let's look at another

How to become a perfect ski holiday holiday in spring

Spring is surely in the air, and if you do not deal with allergies, you probably see the most beautiful time of the year. Perhaps the only thing you do not think is to go on a skiing holiday because spring and skiing are a winter thing, right? Does it save spring skiing? Well, it

Mercedes 126 repair – forgotten liquids, II

The Mercedes 126 Repair: Forgotten Liquids, Part I we looked at the rear differential. Now let us focus on another fluid that most owners will never interfere with – power steering fluid. POWER STEERING FLUID CHANGE Most Mercedes 126 owners will never take up their recirculation ball governor. But those who have achieved new results

Mercedes 126 repair – transmission service

The Mercedes 126 is a very robust design that can be expected. Nowadays it was one of the best units that used Porsche in the legendary 928. Like all other machines, we should not let the longevity fame prevent common services. As a general rule, the gear fluid must be changed by 30,000 miles. Contrary

Mercedes 126 repair – forgotten liquids, III. Part

Subject of this article, the brake fluid is not as neglected as the differential gear oil or the power steering fluid. The brakes are finally treated by the most inattentive owner. But we have to pay attention to our braking system before screaming at us. Mercedes is one of the few car manufacturers who require

Mercedes 126 Repair – Perfect Oil Replacement

The Mercedes 126 is capable of astronomical kilometers if properly maintained. In order to maximize vehicle lifetime and defer expensive repairs, it is essential for frequent oil and filter replacement with the correct lubricant. Though similar to the procedure used for most cars, there are some finer points that 126 owners need to remember. Let's

Mercedes 126 repair – European headlights

Significant improvements are achieved with the performance of the Mercedes 126 headlamps by replacing the DOT-approved units with original European headlamps. There is also a great aesthetic advantage. In particular, in the early 1986 (first generation) of 126 cars, the DOT-approved headlamps in the US market were extremely ineffective as the Bosch lamps installed in

Mercedes 126 Repair – Forgotten Liquids, Part I

While the most responsible Mercedes owners remember that their engine oil is reasonably changed, not everyone remembers taking care of the lubricant's other lubricants. This article undoubtedly focuses on the most heavily neglected fluid: the gear oil in the rear differential. DIFFERENTIAL SERVICE Most Mercedes 126 models have "open" differential, although some later models have