21 Useful Driving Tips for New Drivers

The biggest risk a person may have is an accident within two years of the accident. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to reduce the risk

1. One of the driving tests passed, it is quite strange to find the front passenger seat. Better take someone when you first drive. A "P" should be displayed.

2nd If you have to drive alone, familiarize yourself with the best known roads. A guide should also be kept if it is lost.

3rd If someone becomes self-confident, he drives himself like a car, but not the road.

4th As you learn to drive a driving test and keep the rules. This habit should be followed to be safe. This way it is safe.

5th A quick reaction means not just stopping an accident. This will give a lot of time to the problems ahead.

6th It must travel in a manner that is in conformity with its capabilities and traffic conditions. Fast driving in bad places will never affect anyone but can actually cause problems

. It's better to get plenty of sleep before going on a long journey. The use of breaks is also good for restoring vigilance. You can listen to the radio in the traffic reports and make sure there is enough fuel

. Disrupts the radio while driving. Playing the audio system with loudspeaker is not good enough to prevent you from hearing the siren of the emergency vehicle.

ninth Teams can be raised but do not forget that they must be under the control of the vehicle. Only the driver should guide it.

10th Man must be vigilant, but keep an eye on it, but passengers should not be scared when they turn their heads off the road and talk to anyone else

. Learning on the highway is good and you have to think seriously of your advanced leadership training. Research has shown that this leads to better leadership

. The laws of physics are not suspended in four-wheel drive. You can lose control even if you want too much of it.

13th Values ​​should not be left in the car where they can watch a break.

14th Aggressive drivers must always keep the space and distance. You can not afford to get in trouble.

15th The lights must be switched on when wipers need to be switched on.

16th The feet should be used with caution because of the slippery or loose surface.

17th Drug consumption and driving are like drinking alcohol while driving. The answer will be "NO".

18th Professional travel advice is required before traveling abroad.

19th Some tools should be kept in the car.

20th If you are alone (mostly women), then you have to plan and know the journey. The following items must be worn like maps, pen, paper, first aid kit, small change, torch, warm clothing / blanket and fire extinguisher. Your mobile phone should only be carried out in case of an emergency, as well as personal assault alarms.

21st Do not panic when the vehicle stops. There are more friendly people on the road than those who want to hurt you. If possible, like houses where there are houses, street lights and phones to pull right places. If you're staying in a remote area like staying inside the car, it's less risky. Mobile phone can help. If the aliens are helping you, they need to note the number of their car and have to talk them through a closed window to get help.

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