3 easy ways to get more money for the race!

Starting classes for most types of races are naturally cheaper than premium classes, but … they are still in the pit for shopping, fuel, regular maintenance, food, etc.

is the simplest way to earn more money for racing?

  • Online Auctions (eBay) Buy and Sell Your Items . Most people have things around the house or in the garage that they simply do not need it. Sell ​​on eBay. With a bit of practice and the right things to sell, you can add some profit to your competition. Find great racing events on eBay to save more money, find tools, tractors, engines, security equipment, competitive parts, and the list goes on and on and on. Trade or Service Provision: . What do you know how to do it? Welded, painted, rebuilt the engines, created vinyls, chassis? Sell ​​or trade your services to others and take the money and add the racing fund. One guy in our area carries out racing car repair for wrecked racing cars, but he has a nice profit. Another guy builds leisure houses and rolling cages in the area, while the other sells vinyl racing cars, another car in the car. There is a lot of service in the racing community, what can you do what others need? Because of the hectic, unproductive lifestyle of people, many riders are willing to trade or pay for expertise. Sponsorship: . . . Ahhh, the good old sponsor if it was so easy. Let's face it in a trying economy where many businesses do not have any extra money for such advertising – OR – Really? So how do you get a really big sponsor? ASK – contact your friends and neighbors if you want to sponsor your place of work. You may not get it, but you can do some good ones very well. Ask the agent and tell you that this is just a number game. ASK, ASK, and ASK again. Sponsoring does not even have to be money – What if you got free money, that's less money you would have to spend? Free oil, free tire, free gas, free letter, free trailer use, more, more, more. Be creative if you make a sponsorship proposal. The most important thing to remember is to take care of the sponsor – Do what you said you would do.

Make yourself up to as much information as you can when you follow the examples in this article and be creative in your experiment, and above all, always be professional and serious as you do.

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