3 Top cartoon drawing tips for beginners

The cartoon is not about drawing stories. Yes, even if you draw a single illustration, you say a story. Cartoon is about expressing your thoughts. And your thoughts are beautifully drawn with your cartoon characters that will differentiate you from other average cartoon creators.

Just like in any other area of ​​life, you must learn the first step here before trying to run. To express your thoughts and ideas with your cartoon characters, you must first learn how to draw a cartoon. You can of course use the cartoon of the cartoon to tell the story to your liking.

Drawing a cartoon will have to face a learning curve. You can not decide to be a cartoon, you can copy some popular cartoon patterns and become a successful cartoonist who is rich and famous. If you are lucky and talented with sharp observation, you can add up to one or two tricks with a copy of the popular cartoons. But that's too much for anything to do.

There are many ways to draw a cartoon – you can join the cartoon school or go home, or follow an expert cartoonist book. the bottom line should follow the steps. As you first teach yourself to draw 3d shapes, you will learn to stretch and collect those 3d shapes in your drawing. Then you have to practice things like moving your hand and head before moving on to emotions and advanced things.

If you sound a lot of work, you're right. But what is worth achieving in the end is worth working on. If you are smart, however, you can use the tips you will find here so that the entire learning process is quick and painless. ==> Do not start with a computer. I agree that there is a risk that I may sound backwards. But here I am not completely opposed to using a computer, no good person can do this. But for beginners, there is no alternative to using paper and pencils.

Numerous software will help you so much that it even goes ahead when you learn how to draw a smooth line. Excessive dependence on computer start-ups always drop along the way

. ==> Find the fact that the human, the animal, the cars, and most of the things we see around us are complex 3d structures, though we are preparing for 2D. So when drawing, you have to mentally analyze your model of 3D forms such as balls and boxes, not 2d forms, such as circles and rectangles.

And if you draw something from paper (ie 2D), the 3d shapes that make up the character

3. ==> Most cartoon drawing or drawing tutorial starts with a few basic 3D shapes and after a number of steps a complete and beautiful figure ends. This technique is very effective in learning how to draw complex numbers from simple forms. But what I'll tell you, the pace of learning will be faster. In fact, it is very easy to use the same tutorial. It's just much more effective.

What to do to get started where the curriculum ends and goes backwards. See the drawing and try to identify the basic forms of ingredients. And compare the analysis with the exact forms that are used in the tutorial.

This method tracks the recognition of basic forms. And after a while you will analyze the real life around you as an expert. Just take your time and practice this technique and see how quickly it improves the drawing ability of the cartoon.

Drawing cartoon graphics is for both professionals who are looking for cartoons and hobbies that draw only personal enjoyment. I do not know what your purpose is but we hope the tips will be useful to you. Never stop learning: There is a lot of learning and even more fun in the process. Happy trip!

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