3 Totally silly thing guys say that girls – Brain Dead things that guys should never say!

It's really crazy to think about how many guys completely ruin her shot by saying wrong. You really need to get out of your mind to tell this thing, because you could kill it completely and accidentally.

Locks this list into your memory so you can avoid rolling up such jamming so you will not see it again. After that, I share a secret method with you to seduce any woman.

# 1 Dumb Thing to Say: "You really can not stop talking, do not you?" We all know that girls love crap forever, but conversation does not happen to her ex-boyfriend. If you think about it when a woman talks to you, then you probably like it if you want to be bad with you. If you want to get something, then it's time to rest.

# 2 Dumb Thing to Say: "You can stand to lose a few pounds, tubby!" If you want to shoot, then here is a sentence. The girls feel good, especially compared to the other girls. Even if she is not the sexiest girl in the room, she thinks she is. Then again, why are you trying to get a point with a fat chick?

# 3 Dumb Thing to Say: "Let's look right now." Suppose he also wants to be intimate with you, announcing it can ruin the movement. There is proper discretion. If you get to the point where everyone feels sensual, speak with your hand and not with your mouth.

Now that you're aware of the stupid thing you do not tell a woman, you know what you're saying?

Here's what to do. When you talk to him, make him an "emotional excitement" for both of you feeling happiness and sadness with you. So it becomes emotionally addictive and falls in love with that process. This technique, known as fractionation knew that any woman would be in love with super fast (15 minutes or less). This tactic is used by magical tempters in the underground seductive community 15 years ago.

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