5 GoPro Mount site for racing car video

There are many places in the racing car that are ideal for a GoPro. These spots show the most competitive action with as few unique camera enhancements as possible. This article describes 5 potential anchor points that increase their competitiveness by minimal testing.

Spot 1: Roll Cage. Using the standard GoPro roller bar, the camera can be found on the driver's shoulder on a vertical, diagonal or horizontal track. This location gives you the best view of car racing, whether it's a drawstring, a route or an oval. In addition to the track and the competitors, the GoPro camera can be easily mounted on the cage to secure the driver's upper body, instrument panel and gauges, sponsor logos inside the car, and both sides of the race. Mild adjustments to the angle and resolution of the camera result in different effects. Rollers form stable platforms, so the video is generally vibrated. Be sure to use the open GoPro cover for car audio tuning.

2nd seat: front bumper. This is one of the most dangerous locations, especially for cargo vehicles, drifters and road riders, as it is inevitable to connect with competitors. However, mounting the GoPro on the front bumper is beneficial for creating a realistic and exciting video. First, the angle of the low camera gives a terrific sense of feeling. The surface of the track falls below the car in the lower half of the image, allowing viewers to reach high speeds. Secondly, with its competitors, the track, the crowd, and so on. Related actions are recorded in a way that otherwise can not be otherwise due to the wide angle lens. The driver always feels he is close to acting – this requires physical access to the camera's effect. Obviously, the risk of the bumper being fixed is that the camera is hit. This risk can be reduced but can not be avoided at the top of the bumper at the rear or in the grill area.

3rd place: roof. The GoPro Car Mount Kit includes a strong suction cup that is ideal for positioning the camera on the roof of the car. The advantages of the roof structure are independent in all directions. This is a "bird eye" view of action at a high angle. This allows the camera to record more than one car, plenty of lane and even interesting things, such as plane trees, starter stand, fender in crowd and other views. The roof structure is perfect for displaying sponsor logos on the car's deck, roof or rear cover cover. The suction cup holder is strong and seldom comes out. The disadvantage is that the excitement and impact in the driver's seat does not get too high. However, this is one of the venues that provide great shots for competitive videos.

4th Place: Outside his shoulder. Drifting mass makes the camera popular. GoPro can be mounted behind and behind the window with a simple sticky holder or suction cup. This has the advantage of seizing the driver's head and hands during the race, which gives a wonderful feeling of action to the video. If the camera is positioned higher, it offers some of the effects of birds roofing. If mounted lower, there are more drive springs in the driver. Take care to set the unit too low or pull the camera off by a racer. The outer window position is adjusted to the widest angle view.

5th Location: Pointing to the driver. This option offers a wide variety of options where your camera is equipped and what you are focusing on. On the dashboard, directly in front of the driver, turning to his face, he shows his eyes and reactions in the film in a film. This makes the video very realistic and conveys the interesting human element of the contest. Moving the camera toward the center or far corner gradually captures the driver's side and what is happening in front of the car. These angles combine leading steps with technical control movements and external competitor activity. Directing the GoPro directly in the reverse direction is usually not the best, as 75% of the view will be inside the car and very little competition is required. There are a number of other places, such as the leg room, the opposite door, the rear steering wheel, etc.

Installing one or more GoPro cameras at any location on the racing car is great for the next racing game. Let them experiment or use these places as a starting point.

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