5 Major disadvantages of hybrid cars

In contrast to conventional cars that use a single power source, a hybrid car is powered by a combination of a battery and a fuel engine. However, these two sources are used alternately by the car and do not merge with each other. Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular due to economic, social and environmental benefits. But these "green cars" have the drawbacks that need to be kept in mind before buying them.

The hybrid car has 5 main disadvantages:

1) The main deficiency of a hybrid car that prevents the masses from popularizing, high costs. It is estimated that the price of hybrid cars will also increase over the years, and it calls for more problems for customers. The fuel savings expected in the hybrid car seem a little too exaggerated compared to the total cost of purchasing and maintaining the hybrid car.

2) Another disadvantage is that the acceleration of most hybrid cars is not inspirational. That is, they accelerate at a slower speed compared to conventional gas cars. To make simple words, in a hybrid car we could not reach the expected speed in the same period as in cars that only run on gasoline. This property of a hybrid car is certainly safe while driving, as it can not keep up with other normal cars on the road. [3] The third drawback of a hybrid car is that it has high cost elements. Although the battery has an extended warranty, it should be replaced with 80,000 miles. Depending on the model of the car, this battery may include costs up to $ 5000 to $ 8000. Therefore, if you are a frequent traveler, a hybrid car is not necessarily a good choice for you. [4] To promote high speeds, hybrid cars are made with lightweight body material and are small in size. Because of their small size and light weight, they cause serious damage to small or large accidents in the event of an accident.

5) Since these cars are new and expensive, their stocks are limited and are not available anywhere in the country. Besides, there are not many skilled hybrid car repair mechanics. So you can imagine the difficulties you face when buying an expensive hybrid car from a place away from your home and then repairing it from a local qualified repairer if necessary.

Hybrid cars have the aforementioned disadvantages, that it is not worth buying at all. Like any other new technology, hybrid cars have their advantages and disadvantages. They are environmentally friendly and help save a lot of fuel. So, if you really can afford to buy and maintain a hybrid car, you definitely have to go.

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