73 Trans Am – Pontiac Screaming Chicken and Shaking Tubes

Screaming Chicken was named after the bird of the Trans Ams hood. Each car's color was a special black bird, and the flames were correct: the Cameo White cars had a blue flame, the Brewster Green flames and the red / orange flames of the Buccaneer Red cars.

The odd thing about "screaming chicken" is that it's not a chicken at all, but rather a "fire hydrant!" It looks like it screams (even if you're in a flame) but the "shaking scoop" gave the name "Shaker scoop". "reverse debug", which jammed in the middle of the hood. This is because it is a "shaking" taper because it shakes the engine. Each time the engine is left, the rocks turn right, as if the engine racks were immediately cut off.

If you had a real Super Duty engine, the shaker had the SD-455 logo in most cases. Some were only "455" on the shell, despite the fact that the original SD 455 was the SD engine who reported this to me.

Among the early birds, the shake was a functional air inlet. Vacuum worked with a solenoid coil, which accelerated the rear wing to accelerate the acceleration to get more air. 73 marked the first year when the solenoid was removed and the damper was twisted. Let's face it, it just seemed cool, but did not give any real show.

If you want a 73 TA like Cameo White, Brewster Green or Buccaneer Red. To me the green was a bit vague and the red was too orange in it.

The Cameo White wagon, Blue Firebird, was on the hood and the black interior far the best color combination in 1973.

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