8th Stock Car Racing

Attach oval racing, roadway and demolition derby, and compete in Figure 8. The sport started in the late 1940s only after the Second World War. At that time, the trails that were used by overpass systems only to make sure that racing cars do not cross the tracks and paths. The famous Indianapolis Speedrome was the first venue for these races (and the first Indian Speedway), as history tells. His career was good 1/5 mile long. Consequently, Indianapolis Speedrome is the oldest in all of the world's or in the United States in Figure 8. Since then, the venue organizes annual "World 8" competitions. This event is more popular than the world championship event. One of the most interesting races ever held in 1977 was the three-hour world championship race, which is nowadays a very famous point in the history of all races.

Due to the huge publicity, the competitor hype was regularly a television event, especially at the ABC Wide World of Sports show, especially at the New York Islip Speedway. This public was a thinker of a certain Larry Mendelsohn who had an idea of ​​competing at a large event at different venues. The winner will appear as a hero at the World Championships. The idea generated huge problems with the fans and fans of the contestants who were purchased and televised by the ABC network. The Islip Speedway held its first 8th day of August, 1962.

In contemporary times, a revolutionary event was created. In July 2008, Charlie Hargraves and David Sink met, and the International Outlaw 8 Series (IOFS) was launched. The event offers many opportunities for competitors at different venues to come and compete with the best of the different places. Various venues are considered to be fresh and exciting. Over the years, IOFS has created new enthusiasts every now and then because of the passers-by and the use of competing venues from viewers.

Figure 8 shows Roger Maynor, the driver's son well. After his father's death, Ernie's "The Wrench" Maynor, Roger's decision did not waver. He now claims to win most of the island on the Long Island track. It has 8 to 8 addresses. Roger Maynor usually ran the old-fashioned racing car number 28 (his father was driving 82)

There are a number of highways and racing circuits, not just in the United States but across the globe. In Figure 8, the race is exciting because of excitement and, above all, a major threat. The sports fans are standing on the benches, especially in the last minute of each race. At present, sport attracts enormous attention and holds many events all over the world.

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