A Beginner's Guide to Motocross Racing

So you think you wanna go motocross, huh? A great idea, a motocross is a fun, healthy (and sometimes painful) sport that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

In this article, I'll guide you through some things and not help you organize and in the starting line for the first race.

Selecting a Bicycle

If you just start out in the sport, you do not need the latest and greatest bikes. Apart from the fact that you will not be able to ride a completely new motocross bike at first, he believes that if you decide not to sport it, it will be expensive to play in the garage without being used .

Be realistic in deciding whether a bicycle meets you, it may be difficult to decide on a model if you do not have a lot of riding experience, but try finding something that is more user-friendly, lower engine power, and preferably without conversion, to make the bike lighter.

Find a bicycle that seems well maintained if you do not have too much mechanical knowledge, then check out if you can accommodate a friend who has the bicycle experience to come to you if you look at the prospective purchase. Check for obvious oil leakage, worn wheel bearings, any indication that the bicycle has done a lot of work and has not maintained maintenance

The end of the local race season and the new model change can be good for cycling hunting, drivers will be upgraded for next season with new bikes, so they need a lot of sales. Check local ads and bicycle dealers, and online motorcycle sales sites look good.

Equestrian Equipment

The same rule, The only item I would like to emphasize on buying a new product is the helmet. In the event that you spend as much money as you can afford a helmet, your head is one of the most valuable pieces!

The rest of your equipment can be purchased, in most motocross clubs there is a newsletter, selling the horse and the various pieces, used bicycles, checking local ads and usual places such as eBay etc.

Second-tier gear is really a good idea for kids, even if they decide to love racing cars so fast that they always find their wallet to upgrade their gear.

After obtaining the helmet, the order of priority is likely to be glasses, boots, knees, gloves, chest / elbow pads, then trousers and jersey.

Okay, all is equipped and found your dream bike (or at least one for one!), now you have to ride. Find a local motocross club in the neighborhood and join them, they will know when they are exercising days and other relevant information, such as obtaining racing licenses and other technical details that you need to look into before you compete

When you practice riding , gradually increase your confidence. Spend time by learning the basics of riding, then speed up and manage some of the difficulty of the track.

Check out the experienced riders, note how they progress on each section of the track causing trouble. The most important thing is to take time, yes, you have to make the improvement a little bit, but if you feel uncomfortable as you ride and have a normal accident, it may take a while before you get your confidence back. Does this apply to the impatient parents who are shouting at their children if they do not entertain what their point is to do?

Get so much information on the techniques of riding as you can and then apply them again to practice. In no way, you will not find yourself more confident and more secure and comfortable. Motocross is a fun game that can still be a dangerous sport, so be careful. Your first race

All right, the technique of shaving is sharp and fast enough, it's time to look at everything. Club meetings are a great way to start racing, low pressure and quite casual, and there are usually many club members who do their best to make the contestants feel good first.

early sign up and look around. If you are on the home stage, you know the layout well in all practice circles. Take part in pre-race races and be ready to practice. Practice should not be competitive, take time, and look at the track, then take a few steps and approach a few laps at the speed that it will compete with.

After the contest has started, walk around and see how launches start,

Notice the procedure to find out what to expect when your race arises. Keep an eye on the tournament order and stay on the start line to stay ahead of the race. Here in Australia

The most common way to determine who starts the gate with a random pull, usually a bucket taken from a bucket

Select which gate to start and then enter the bicycle when the 30-second board is loaded is filled, fill the bike with the front brake (a technique in which the front brake is applied and partially release the clutch until the bike brakes the brake) when the 5-second board is up and when the gate falls that you are away!

Motorcycle racing is a great sport, but at first it can be very scary, just remember to start at your own pace and build your confidence and, above all, have fun!

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