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AJ Foyt is one of the stars in the history of motorsport history. This Texan began her career in 1957 on a small underground track in Springfield, Illinois. Although his career has traveled throughout the world, the most exciting races in America were. The Indianapolis 500 became the first four-time winner on the famous motorcycle racing track. In the race, 35 Indy 500 raced, which is a record that probably will not stay enough.

AJ was driven on various locations: NASCAR, midgets, sprints and even Le Mans. Over 150 years, he has earned his leadership career in more than 150 major competitions. Not only is this man's talented and versatile, but it shows two of the most important qualities of his long career: stamina and toughness.

The AJ not only ignited the car's love and the racing of his children, but got himself from his father. His father was a car mechanic who loved racing and told AJ's stories about the car racing for years. They worked together on cars as her father worked as a hobby and business.

One car was picked up from his father and started off in 1953 to 1957 on the racing track. Though he persevered, he was driving the towing vehicle to get the racers on the different tracks, success did not happen often. However, other car owners have noticed the young man and offered to lead the way for well-grounded teams.

1958 was the first year of the Indy 500. He got to the rookie's stomach and finished 16th in the tournament and started thousands of dollars for the effort. This meant great courage for someone who wanted to sleep in the towing vehicle or someone's extra bed.

Cars of that time did not have much security features and accidents often caused serious injuries to drivers. In 1965, a California Riverside accident broke with a broken ankle, broken back, and multiple chest injuries. A doctor stated that Foy was dead at the scene, but pilot Parnelli Jones said the move and re-emerged. Just ten weeks later, Foy returned behind the wheel, winning five races this season.

Next year, his car hit the wall in Wisconsin, breaking the fuel tank and burning AJ's hands and faces. The rest of the season was difficult to finish and ranked 13th. Other people were talking about retreating from the field. This caused AJ to become the banner of a national title for the fifth time in 1967. This included his third victory in Indianapolis. The Indy 500 was a remarkable ending this year. The AJ was close to one of the rounds and when he was in the final round, there was a large group of cars in front of him. Suddenly a lot of cars spun and bounced off the wall. AJ threw his car at second speed and decided that he would win even if he had to put some cars in front of him at the finish line.

During the 1970s and 1980s, several other significant achievements were achieved, along with many other injuries. One of the worst happened in 1990, when their brakes failed and the car ran out of the track at 190 km / h and landed land. Although the injuries were not life-threatening, both legs were broken. The pain was intense and required more surgery. After a six-month treatment, he dropped to his car to take second place in the Indy 500. Although it was not possible to finish this race due to mechanical failure, the heart and determination of this great racer exemplify this victory by the circumstances of the situation.

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