A hybrid car for you

You may have seen a zipping with the past in the big traffic lanes, a lonely driver on the wheel. This is a petrol-electric hybrid car and driving in the HOV band is only a part of ownership in many states. But what is a hybrid? How It Works? Is this the right car for you and your family?

Hybrid cars have both a petrol engine and a battery. The battery is charged by the petrol engine's energy, which is usually lost when braking or decelerating. Use the car or the battery or the petrol engine depending on several factors, including how fast the car is going. Sometimes both will work together to provide extra effort without using too much fuel.

This technology results in cars that produce significantly better gas kilometers and less carbon emissions than conventional gasoline cars. For example, according to Honda, the 2006 civilian hybrid is 50 miles to the gallon on the motorway, 14 miles from the gallon as the 2003 civil war. When the national average has driven 12,000 miles, it means 69 gallons of gas a year and 258 kilos of carbon dioxide.

At the beginning of hybrid cars, there were few models to choose from. People who wanted to buy a hybrid car were picked up in small cars with tiny cars. Today, however, manufacturers produce hybrid cars and light trucks in almost all categories, including family sized sedans, road vehicles and minivans. The smallest cars are still the best gas mileage, but larger hybrids consistently outgass regular brothers in the gas mileage and carbon dioxide emissions.

Unfortunately, hybrid cars spend more than regular models. For the 2006 Honda Civic, the hybrid model spends nearly $ 7,000 more than the standard model. The Congress accepted the tax credit for hybrid car owners who entered into force on 1 January 2006, which would save a 2006 citizen hybrid buyer. It may take several years for the hybrid counter to save gasoline. However, many hybrid owners are equally committed to the environmental benefits of hybrid driving rather than the money they are saving.

One fear when hybrid cars were first available to prevent maintenance and insurance costs. Research has shown that regular maintenance costs for hybrid vehicles are no higher than in regular vehicles. In addition, hybrid car owners are less likely to be involved in accidents, and some insurance companies are beginning to offer concessions to hybrid car owners.

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