A new approach for car thieves

Car protection is done full-time for car owners, as they never know when the car thieves will be. Although new car protection technology has been developed, the number of stolen cars is still growing.

While high-end vehicles are known to attract the attention of car thieves, a new trend in car theft has appeared. It was reported that automated thieves not only go for expensive cars but also choose a different car. This is because they sell metal scrap. This means that every car would be for car thieves, as they only need metals in cars. Columbus, Georgia, Sheriff Lee County Jay Jones said the scrap price has risen, as thieves capitalize on it.

While reported that the best stolen vehicles are like the Cadillac Escalade and the BMW M Roadster, the new trend is endangering low-end cars as well. Automotive components such as bonnet, rims, side mirrors and other components can be easily facilitated by expert car thieves. They are then sold in scrap metal stores. Car thieves will grab the entire car, not just parts, if they give it a chance. That is why car owners are called to protect their vehicles. The price that these metal wastes brought on the market grew this year. "Many vehicles that do not make much money on the scrap market now bring two, three, and four times higher prices than in the previous years," says Jones.

Even those in the metal scrap business are now aware of a new tendency to steal a car. Ronnie Wadkins, owner of Alabama's Car Crushing and Recycling Company, says, "Well, in the market like people who steal radios, wheels from cars, and converters there are a lot of extra money that was not there yet, which is there. "Wadkins said that an average car would win from $ 150 to $ 200. This estimate is expected to increase depending on market demand. "So it makes people more attractive to steal cars," Wadkins added. Jones in 1968 said that thieves could steal a car or part of a car in a short while. He therefore suggests that car owners take care of their vehicles, as theft of cars not only affects others but also others. He said that common sense is a good thing to begin to prevent car thieves from stealing vehicles. Closing the car door and leaving the keys is not a smart way to protect the car.

Jones said that most of the stolen cars are a crime, which means thieves are just stealing cars if they see a chance to do it with the utmost ease. The open car door and the key at the ignition are open invitations to the car thieves. Jones also suggested that car alerts are good investments as they can prevent car thieves. Car thieves no matter how expensive the car is until they get it. This means that a visible warning that a vehicle is equipped with a car alarm can deter car thieves. "Thieves will not waste much time," Jones says. "In many cases, they want to move somewhere where they find the vehicle that offers more options by holding an open door or key, or valuables," he added.

Jones explained that the offense is committed by those who are involved in scrap metal. "It was theft at first instance," Jones said. "Now that class B crime is capable of up to 20 years in jail, just a few hundred dollars on a destructive vehicle …" It is known that among the cars occupied by car thieves, the most sensitive and exposed parts such as the Flowmaster exhaust pipe .

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