A Shelby Coba

Shelby Cobra is one of the rarest and most expensive cars ever sold in the United States. In fact, recently one was sold for $ 5.5 million, which is a new record for all auction cars in the world. This car was fascinated by a lot of car enthusiasts for its special features and classic design. Some fans think that the American must have a muscular car all the time. But not all experts agreed.

Carroll Shelby was the master of the elegant car behind. The first race took place in 1958, followed by the last race. She had to retire because she thought of her heart problems to be in a competitive position. Regrettably, he was not sure that he was driving under such circumstances. But this illness did not prevent her from attending the cars. After retiring, he became an automotive builder with various companies. Even today it has a site where the goods and company history can be found.

What I find so impressive about Mr Shelby is the fact that he was so vulnerable to the race track but he was able to build such a wild-type vehicle that could have prevented the cars he had faced. This success has only one reason, and this is his passion for racing. For me, a guy who does not stop like his truck.

Returning to the Shelby Cobra model, this car had nearly 500 horsepower. It was worth about 2,550 pounds and had a three-speed automatic transmission. Only 3.2 seconds later, it is estimated at 60 mph. Apart from these facts, many have also stated that this model is one of Ford's best Mustangs.

Another interesting fact is that a Shelby Cobra chassis alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Recently, the popular TV show, Pawn Stars, an original Cobra chassis sold $ 30,000! Then, rebuilding the car will cost $ 50,000.

This in itself gives you a very good idea of ​​the car's value and how much you buy after it.

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