AC does not cool while stopping – the air conditioner blows hot in idle

There are several reasons why AC cars do not cool down if they stop and only blow out when they are in motion. The most common reason is that the cooling fan does not work for the condenser. It is important to know that many times the cooling fan is shared by the cooler and the condenser, otherwise two are separate. The fact that a bad cooling fan can dramatically affect AC is the fact that the coolant (Freon) cools normally when it passes through the condenser. So even if the condenser fan does NOT work, it does not affect the AC while the car is on the highway speed . This is because the air passes through the condenser when it is downhill, so the fan is not needed. When the car stops, the condenser is completely dependent on the cooling fan to cool down. The cooling fan may work, but it may move too slowly to cool the condenser properly. To test the engine, a test lamp may be used to check that power and ground are connected to the electrical connector. If there is current and earth fault and the motor does not operate, the motor has an open circuit. If the engine of the cooling fan is worn, it can sometimes be temporarily started when the electric fan motor is easily touched by a small hammer or wrench. If the fan is switched on, if this is the case, the engine must be replaced. This is just another way to check if you have the necessary performance. Remember, however, that a cooling fan can be started at any time (some even when the engine is off), so be careful not to stick it in the hands of the blades. Keep in mind that if the engine of the cooling fan pulled it, the fuse may have exploded. Therefore, if there is no current to the fan and the engine is closed, the fuse must be more than likely to be replaced during the engine changeover

Causes of the other AC of the car do not cool off idle or Stop

  1. The vehicle may overheat – outside the cooling fan
  2. Heat transfer from refrigerator to condenser can change efficiency when the car overheats
  3. AC compressor can not pump
  4. Expansion valve can not regulate refrigerant properly
  5. Condenser flanges tend or condensate can be removed from foreign debris

Special condensation flange has combs to straighten the condenser flange. But in my experience, curved capacitors are not so many common problems. A more common problem is driving in the country, pollen accumulated in the meantime. From the roadway as a plastic bag or piece of paper that hampers the capacity of reducing the capacitor wherever it may be. It's funny to me that at my automation technician many people were concerned that AC did not cool but did not notice the car overheated – even when the temperature meter was fixed

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