Acceleration Contest

This is a popular form of motor sporting competitions in the United States that first started as illegal street racing. The idea is to cover a short distance, usually a quarter mile in the shortest time. The track or ribbon is straight, reminiscent of the streets of most American cities. Two cars stand next to each other as if they were waiting for a traffic sign. After the green light goes on, they start.

The first drawstring was launched in 1950 at an airport in Santa Ana, California. In South California, sport has grown with different racing clubs and Hot Rod magazine is responsible for promoting competition and standardization.

Traditionally, big American cars dominated the races with a powerful engine. Initially, riders used modified street vehicles, but over time, the participants became more inventive. The weight ratio of lighter, usually imported cars made them popular, especially when their engines were modified. Today, there are several different classes in drag racing, all of which have diverse requirements and limitations on things like weight, engine size, body style, modifications, and so on.

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) performs drag racing in North America, while the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) is responsible for the others. NHRA has more than 200 classes and IHRA is less. And of course there is Junior Dragster for young people. Top Fuel Dragster (TF / D) is the highest class in the NHRA and IHRA categories. This is followed by the Top Fuel Funny Car (TF / FC), which is almost as fast.

While traveling competitions are quite common in America and Canada, other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, England, Mexico, the Caribbean, and many European countries are also moving. There are more than 325 tensile strips around the world.

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