Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars

As automakers increasingly think about producing hybrid vehicles, it's time to think that these vehicles are really going to be the cars of the future? However, & # 39; hybrid & # 39; it seems to be the latest development in the auto world. Hybrid cars are known to increase the number of kilometers traveled and believe they are better than conventional cars. In this article, let's see if hybrid technology really is worth the praise.

Hybrid cars are powered by two-engine engines: petrol and electric motors. The petrol engine does not directly drive the car. Instead, he charges the electric motor, which in turn drives the car. The first such kind of foreign affair took place. In India, Honda was the first automaker to pick up technology in the Honda Civic Hybrid.

He was followed by many other Indian trucks. Toyota, Tata Motors and Hyundai will soon find hybrid engines in cars in India. With the introduction of the new technology, the international automotive market has undergone significant changes. However, the feedback was both positive and negative, making it difficult to judge whether the introduction of hybrid cars is viable.

Let's first look at the benefits of hybrids:

• Compare the levels of contamination caused by hybrids with gasoline vehicles. It is well known that emissions from petrol-fueled vehicles are much higher than their hybrid counterparts.

• Hybrids lower taxes than gasoline cars.

• The introduction of hybrids also reduces the dependence on oil, which is a rapidly depleting natural source of oil.

• Although expensive to buy, hybrids do not need to refuel fuel each time, saving fuel consumption.

• The miles traveled are much better.

• There is no friction in the engine to damage the spare parts and therefore there is no wear on these parts.

• Maintenance cost is low.

• Regenerative braking on these vehicles is a generator and charger for charging batteries.

• Hybrid cars' tires are tougher and more inflated than conventional cars.

Examining the Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars:
• These cars are expensive, arranging the first purchase money will be more difficult for the average person.

• Hybrid technology is fairly new and has not been tested well. Just know in a while what obstacles can occur while driving.

• Hybrids are lighter than conventional cars, so they are more prone to accidents. In the case of collisions with regular petrol vehicles, hybrids and passengers suffer more damage.

• Serious storms are able to blow hybrids out of the ground.

• Hybrids may be environmentally friendly on the road but produce twice as much contamination during the production process.

• The accelerator pedal is relatively low.

• Land or cold weather may affect the performance of the batteries, thus hindering the performance of the hybrid.

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