Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars

Every good citizen wants to support the idea of ​​saving gas, reduces oil dependence and helps keep the air clean and safe. One way to make the next new car a hybrid.

Of course, it would be nice to have a clean zero-emission electric car and one that is three hundred miles to a night battery charge. Since this day is in the future, only gas / electric hybrids are available.

Generally, hybrid cars get twenty percent better mileage than conventional cars, but spend $ 3000 more. It requires years of driving to improve the difference in improved mileage, but the overall quality of the cars has allowed us to keep them for five or ten years without major repairs. I noticed that most hybrid cars are purchased by highly trained people who also include a hybrid buying.
1.- possessing a high-efficiency car,
2.- the latest technology,
3. possessing something else and doing something to help the oil problem.

One of the concerns of a prospective hybrid buyer is the cost of battery replacement if needed. Although it would be good if the batteries in the garage can be charged with cheap electricity, the hybrid car charging system will retain the batteries for five or more years. NiMh and LiIon batteries have no memory and are much less than the equivalent lead batteries of a few years ago. See the separate battery warranty provided by the dealers.

In many cases, the manufacturer includes special accessories that are not available on standard models. Heated seats, ice-free mirrors, automatic thermostats and steering wheel audio buttons. The government also entices hybrid buyers with the $ 1200 – $ 2000 costly rebate. If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, make sure it is within the deadline.

Some of the hybrids to save gas: Stop some cylinders while cycling, engine stopping temporarily stopped, and some hybrids are only a short distance on batteries (Honda Civic, Toyota Prius) CVT's availability plus no evidence or shift and the direct coupling of the motor to the wheels without the actuator torque converter is opposed to the efficiency of the manual shift.

On the other side, most hybrids are dominated by gas cousins, and most designers have been forced to give up the back of folding rear seats. Nissan solved this problem by replacing the batteries with the spare tire instead of replacing the airbag in the event of an emergency. I think this is a good idea, since flat tires are a thing of the past. AAA may lead to a repair station if necessary.

Jack rabbit driver resigned from the fact that the new hybrid vehicles were delivered by a relatively small gas engine to the electric motor. Thus, some companies transported certain models with a regular powerful four- or six-cylinder engine (Honda Accord) in addition to the electric motor for powerful launches and fast motorway passage. IMO, it feels good for the riders, but defeats the goal of saving gas. Four-cylinder engines have advanced enough, with high compression, fuel injection, high flow air intake and exhaust manifolds, variable valves and computer chips; all of them are as powerful as the age of six. Balance axes, ball bearing surfaces and extra insulation contribute to being extremely smooth and silent. Which one will be your next car?

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