Advantages of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV)

Would you like to convert your current hybrid to a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, but wonder what benefits it is for?

After all, if you're environmentally friendly, nice, but still more than just saving the planet, right?

Fortunately, there are many benefits that really save money, not just the planet.

1) Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) receive 100 mpg [19659002] This is so if you use daily commuting as your daily commute to PHEV and drive less than 50 miles a day, 100mpg you can add the gas mileage. Longer roads will be less, but as most people spend regular daily trips, they will consume very little gasoline. A few days later, the gas engine does not have to get involved – which means there is no gas consumption at all. [2] PHEVs are Cleaner for Gasoline Cars

One of the things skeptics say about plug-ins is simply to pass contamination from cars to power plants. Although it is true that PHEVs deliver contamination, this is not a compromise. Studies show that the use of electricity in vehicles results in 67% less greenhouse gas emissions than using gasoline cars, even if we consider that half of the country comes from coal. This is because high performance equipment is much more efficient and cleaner than conventional internal combustion engines.

3) Older to be cleaner.

Only PHEVs and 100% electric vehicles will be cleaner, the fact that the power grid will be cleaner every decade. A typical gasoline car is less effective than it is over time and becomes increasingly dull as it becomes older.

4) cheaper to run and maintain

While PHEVs and Electric Vehicles (EVs) spend more money, they are actually cheaper to run and maintain than a non-hybrid car. For example, if the gas is $ 3 / gallon, the best non-hybrid cars will cost 8 cents a mile of gas and gas guzzlers will cost 20 cents or more miles. However, a PHEV will spend only 2-4 cents / mile on short trips. Or if you want to see another way when running on an electric motor, it is equivalent to 75 cents / gallon gas.

5) PHEV Reduces Dependence on Foreign Oil

Since Electric Grid depends only on oil, at 3% of power, there is very little dependence on foreign oil when it produces electricity (about half comes from coal) . It is estimated that if everyone were to lead PHEV, we would need 55% less oil and completely eliminate foreign oil.

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