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The car's air conditioning system, which is heated on one side, and on the other hand cold, usually has two problems. In this short car repair article, a master automotive technician shares his experience, which has been working on air-conditioners in Florida over the past few decades. This free information can be as useful to do-it-yourselfer as it is for a consumer who knows the information about car repair shops. Read the free car climate system when the air is warming from one side

Typically, cars that blend cold on one side of the dashboard and gay on the other side, typically with a two-zone climate control system. Dual zone systems allow the driver and the passenger to adapt the right temperature to comfort level. The temperature difference has two common causes when both sides are set in the coldest settings, allowing the front cover.

Low Refrigerant

Automotive Air Conditioners using 134A are usually a small amount of refrigerant compared to older R12 cars. Car and truck air conditioners today are much more efficient than older ones. The fact that the 134A systems use less frequencies means that leakage can affect the HVAC (heating-ventilation and air conditioning) system more quickly. Due to the design of dual AC systems, low refrigerant is the leading cause of a drastic temperature difference from one side of the rope to the other. Even a well-experienced carmaker may be surprised to learn that up to 4 to 8 ounces of 134A can even make such a huge difference. The left-hand hole and the right-hand hole may vary between 10 and 20 degrees. The simplest thing is to try to replenish the system, or even better, remove all freons and recharge the factory-specified amount. In most cases, after Freon's charging is in the car, the temperature will be as cold as the cold, as if it were on both sides.

What if it does not help? Read the other possible reason for the problem.

HVAC Door Issue

Dual zones providing a temperature different from the various ventilation holes on both sides of the fastener are on HVAC enclosures on the small doors. By controlling the doors, the left and right air temperatures can be adjusted to the desired comfort level. Often, the engine (or actuator) that controls the door on both sides may be defective or the door itself can break and prevent the temperature. to be adjusted. Diagnosing the problem is more complex and may be the subject of another article. Thank you for reading it. Hopefully, the free information here will help remedy the problem that "AC hot or hot blows from one side of the fastener."

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