Alpinestars GP Tech Glove Top Quality Alpinestars Glove

In the world of motor sports it is commonly known that the best motorcycle gloves are the Alpinestars gloves. The best combination of comfort, safety and performance and the Alpinestars brand has more than forty years of experience in producing the world's most beautiful motorcycle equipment. But what's the best Alpinestars gloves? This is a tough call, but after reviewing the most sought after Alpinestars glove, it is clear that Alpinestars GP Tech gloves are the best.

These world-class gloves have been designed and developed for their own MotoGP racers. Thanks to this, GP techniques have been created to deliver maximum performance while providing the highest level of protection and security features on the market. The GP Tech features are:

  • Kangaroo leather palm, reinforced with Pittards digital skin
  • Special direct injection Kevlar panel
  • PU wrist and finger sliders for superior impact and abrasion resistance
  • Alpinestars patented 3rd and 4th. finger pad for fingerprints and seam protection
  • Sewing on the fingers
  • PU injected hinge for better impact and abrasion resistance
  • Kevlar reinforcement on the top of the glove
  • Pittards Armor- Tanka leather in critical nodes and areas [19659004] Double Hinges
  • Perforated cuffs and ventilated fingers for dry and cool hands handling
  • 3D anatomical design for superior fit

GP technique is Alpinestars top-of-the-line gloves and has been fully tracked. They are available in the hottest color combinations including black, black / white, blue / white, red / black / white. They are available in small, medium, large, X-sized, XX sizes. If you become particularly fashionable and want to meet all your equipment, you will be happy to know that the GP Tech is the perfect complement to Alpinestars Supertech or S-MX Plus boots, as the thermoplastic protection on the glove is the same as on the heels, heels / ankles and toes of the boots.

If you are serious about taking Alpinestars gloves or any motorcycle equipment, it is best to try them at a local retailer. However, unless the seller has special deals and an excellent return policy, it is better to buy his glove online as more online merchants offer more deals.

In sum, the Alpinestars GP Tech gloves are the most beautiful motorcycle gloves. They are among the best drivers in the world and offer the highest level of protection. So, whether you are a serious competitor or a weekend fighter, you will not find better motorcycle gloves than GP Tech.

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