Alternative Fuel Benefits

Alternative fuels are domestically produced fuels that come from other natural resources such as fossil fuels and nuclear materials. For the first time, the nation's reliability was reduced to imported oil, as the federal government urged all citizens at national level to replace conventional fuel with an alternative. Distinguished alternative fuels include ethanol, biodiesel, natural gas, propane, hydrogen and other biomass sources.

Alternative fuel has many benefits. One of the most varied benefits is that alternative fuel is much cleaner than normal crude oil, up to 90%. Consequently, alternative fuel vehicles greatly reduce chemical emissions such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur and other organic compounds, resulting in less pollution. But immortal growth is simply inevitable. As the number of inhabitants increases, the number of vehicles also decreases, so the level of fuel emission remains high.

All types of alternative fuels have their own advantages and disadvantages. And most of these failures mean the selling price. For example, compressed natural gas is pure, causing price increases with landslides. Although in some cases the cost of fuel and maintenance is cheaper while the engine is more durable. There is a slight difference between the prices of alternative fuels and conventional petroleum fuels, although alternative fuels are more flexible and are likely to change at any time of the year. The biomass fuel category ethanol and biodiesel are easily renewable, less harmful to air pollutants and greenhouse gases, but prices often fluctuate due to government subsidies.

Statistics have formally stated that alternative fuels High performance vehicles show tremendous growth. It is said that greenhouse gas from fossil fuels contributes to the global warming factor. But on the good side, the growing demand for alternative fuels reduced normal fuel prices. Perhaps we both show that both alternative and normal fuels are equally distributed in the future.

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