American Auto Racing: A Unique American!

Americans gave their own willingness to racing cars. American car races co-developed with the car's development. As the diligent Yankee builders made new works from the barn or workshop or the factory; the most natural questions about "how fast will I go and I can beat the pants of the guy on the road?" America's response is a unique variation of the unique challenges of driving drivers and vehicle constraints. This article focuses on the most important types of American car racing.

Stock car racing [Amerikában] Carnival events are undeniably the number one auto challenge. Usually they are kept on a large oval track, inventory cars look like production cars, but that's just skin deep. In their hearts, they are built on strictly custom built machines. NASCAR is the largest joint-stock company. The Sprint Cup Series is the NASCAR premier series, with the most famous events being Daytona 500 and Brickyard 400. However, this is not all of them supervised, and there are smaller series that NASCAR controls, which is no less exciting for tracking.

Drag racing

The next line of popularity needs to pull the races. The goal here is to arrive at the end of a straight line from a steady start (traditionally ¼ mile) before the guy in the bar next to him – simple! During the 1950s, Wally Parks organized the Drag Racing competition with the creation of the National Hot Rod Association. NHRA has been developed as a response to reducing the dangerous activity of street races

Single-seat race

Single-seat cars are well-known for open wheeled cars and Formula One is the most well-known type. In the USA, such events are currently the Indy Car Series and previously CART. Cars are typically less sophisticated than F1 vehicles and there are more restrictions on technology (cost control); but the race is all exciting!

Touring car racing

Touring races are road races that are built from production models. Here, "rubbing" compete for small speed differences and large grids. The SCCA SPEED World Challenge Touring Car and the Grand Touring Championship are the "big dog" of North American tournament races. The American historical Trans-Am series is the "grandpa" racing series. So these are the events that are waiting for the road race to be your business.

Sports Car Racing

Sports car races include cars that are made up of production sports models and prototype sports cars are closed circuits. These races are often held on long voyages, at least 1000 km (621 mi), and are run by drivers' cars for a few hours. Famous American sports car races include 24-hour Daytona, 12-hour Sebring and 1000-mile Petit Le Mans on the Atlantic.

Off-Road Race

Off-road Race Different types of modified vehicles, including cars, compete in an off-road environment. In North America, these challenges are often in the desert, such as the famous Baja 1000.

Gosh! I'm not out of space, and I'm not even in touch with Production Car Racing, Historic Car Racing, Card Race (also known as Karting), Rally Racing or Pikes Peak Hillclimb enthusiasts for the 1947s and 1955s and 1965s, 1969

As the last, inseparable fact, I would like to know that an American race track is in West Allis, Wisconsin; "Milwaukee Mile" distinguishes the world's oldest motorcycle race track, since 1903 there are racing cars. Yup, that's true! In the 1800s, this site began its life as a mile (1,032 miles) of a horse racing track. Later, until 1953, it worked as an underground course (until 1953), then it was cemented in 1954. The track with important sanctioning bodies such as USAC, NASCAR, CART / Champ Car World and Indy Car Series.

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