American hybrid cars

Background Information

American hybrid cars began in the 1980s when Japan and the United States entered an industry that just started. The "hybrid" name was chosen because it operates on two different energy sources, often at the same time. Contrary to an electric vehicle or a vehicle with only petrol that only works on one source.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) began to become popular in the United States simply because people saved money while they were part of the fight against global warming and to help Americans independently of foreign oil .

American hybrid cars do not

However, American hybrids have become Japanese-American hybrids. As American car manufacturers were delivering low-quality and low-tech standards, Japan had an open door to create what is currently a Japanese-owned industry.

American car makers reacted to Japanese vehicles, such as the Toyota Prius, for the purchase of so many such fuel-efficient, high-quality Japanese vehicles that made 200,000 miles and that Detroit had no choice.

And playing the catching up attempted, but the American automakers were not too good at it either. But instead of trying to compete with Japanese carmakers, fanatical dedication to quality and innovative technology – a feature that Detroit has never been until recently – was the smart thing for American carmakers and Japanese carmakers. That is why today, almost every vehicle in the United States is a combination of Japanese and American technologies ("hybrid" if you want): Look Under The Hood – Japanese technology

people who are "American" looks and emoticons like "Buick" or "Pontiac", etc., and what you will see is a Japanese engine, or at least an American engine that is heavily influenced by Japanese technology.

But that's fine because it's just smart marketing, and today, at least 50% of the profits and the workplace of these cars are US-based. And not just this, Detroit now finds how to incorporate hybrid vehicle technology into gas-tight gangsters such as Chevy Tahoes and the like. Also for fast sports cars.

Detroit is doing this successfully because they know that most Americans have to have a car and spend a little more on gas than otherwise; hybrids will only be so popular in the United States as the gas supply and the price they need. Americans use it to feel and hear the accelerator, POWER.

Today's "hybrid vehicles" have some high-powered petrol engines – not small anemic and much smaller hybrids. However, they are highly optimized with variable valve timing and other high-tech gas engine technologies along with the required electric motor. In fact, some are 200 hp gas engines and many more. Some Lexus hybrids all have more than 350 horsepower, and 200 hp come from the petrol engine alone. Yet the lower 30 mpg on the freeway and accelerate faster than the big V-8 gasoline only Lexus models!

So for the acceleration of hybrid vehicles! So you do not have to be low-energy enough to enjoy the benefits of holding a hybrid. (By the way, Lexus Toyota – Japanese 🙂 I like Japanese commitment to quality and wonderful technology!

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