An American customized supercar – The Panoz Esperante GT

Here is the modern type of American fast cars – the Panoz Esperante GT, which combines the traditional V-8 with some modern technology. And the engine is not bad either


Panoz has an interesting construction. It is at the center of a Ford Mustang chassis and aluminum extrusion. It is fairly light and rigid and less expensive than carbon fiber.

Esperante with modern / traditional lines is a great two-seater convertible. There are two roadsters, the Esperante and the Esperante GT, which is lighter. There is also a loaded GT-LM coupe or convertible that has resulted in better aerodynamics. Each car has the same basic lines and layout, a "coke bottle" side line and mud guards that advance to the main grid. The headlights fit to the mudguards.

Versions of the Ford 4.6-liter V-8, 32-valve engine are available. In Esperanto and GT, this engine has a healthy 305 horsepower at 5800 rpm, with a maximum torque of 434 Nm at 4,200 rpm. This is actually the same as the current Mustang, so the GT-LM adds more power through a compressor. This power boosts up to 420 inches, at 6,000 rpm, at 390 lb ft (530 Nm), at 3500 rpm, so the GT-LM maintains the wreck for Corvette and other supercars. Surprisingly, this version uses the cast iron block to provide greater durability.

Six-speed manual only on GT-LM

You get a four-stage automatic handset, but the GT-LM is a six-stage box that is almost mandatory for this kind of power.

The front and rear axles carry the suspension and the axle transitions. The tubular twin towing suspension is used in front and rear, geometry is based on the model of racing cars. However, the GT-LM is even closer to the car suspension of the machines. Gas filling flaps and coil springs are used, while only a tubular roller bar is in front.

The two front airbags, ABS, traction control and limited slip diff, none of the Esperants are overweight, and GT is 1497 kg (1450 kg) and the GT-LM weighs 3 364 lb (1536 kg) competing at 3,245 lb and the new Jaguar XK 3,513 lb.

Panoz Esperantes are good looking supercars at reasonable prices and generous performance. Of course, the overcharged engine in the GT-LM has a lot of strength if you have a greater strength if you want – 500 hp.

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