Arai Motorcycle Helmets – Unbeatable Power

In 1930, they introduced the motorcycle helmet and rejected the world today. This is because people have recognized their importance and that these engines are the safest. In recent years, helmets were improvised right away to better protect motorcyclists.

Helmets are manufactured today by many companies, but the only company that is already in the industry is Arai. This Japanese company has handmade helmets since 1926 and has been dealing with helmets business since 1926 and has won the hearts of customers worldwide with its practical implementation and defense design. Arai motorcycle helmets have been developed for a variety of purposes, such as racing, cycling, cycling or everyday use. Let's take a look at our extensive collection.

The most popular Arai helmets are made with the inputs of the RX7 series and MotoGP winners. The adjustable air spoiler at the rear has five different angles that adjust to all riding positions. This way, the driver feels less turbulence, pulling and crashing, even if you have to brake suddenly at high speeds.

The Arai Motorcycle Helmet Chaser collection features a very innovative design where the outer shell is made of strong fiber, while the lower shell reinforces the hypergas. The unique ventilation system, which has an inlet duct and an exhaust manifold at the front, is located in the back and is easy to handle with large buttons. All of these features, these Arai helmets carry a feathery light

Arai also boast the Astro Light collection designed specifically for smaller head sizes, making it ideal for female riders. They are incredibly strong with lightweight composite laminate construction and triple-density inner lining to support. These Arai helmets are available in 4 different designs and are tested safely.

Arai also features many open helmets. These include SZ RAM III, SZ / F and Freeway series of suicides. The SZ RAM III Arai helmet is the highest and has air flow and Delta Duct ventilation system for reducing turbulence and maintaining airflow. The Arai SZ / F helmet is tailored to the glider and has a flip-up polycarbonate cover for better vision. For the vintage look, the Arai Freeway helmet is the way. The retro design looks cool and clicking to the top helps keep away from the sun.

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