Are The Hybrid Cars The Solution To Being Able To Tell Chavez To Shove It?

As the price of a gallon of gasoline crept over three dollars a gallon during 2006, many people decided that there was a way to spend a lot less money on gasoline. There were different approaches to doing this, one was finding a vehicle that was better on gas mileage. Another interesting possibility is a hybrid car. A hybrid car is one that can use both gas and electricity. The need for these types of vehicles is actually more pronounced because of the pollution of our planet than just because of gas prices. Moped is an example of a vehicle that uses both electricity and gas.

Any type of vehicle should be able to drive three hundred miles without having to refuel. It should also not be difficult when it is necessary to refuel them. One other thing that most people may not consider when purchasing a car but that is important when considering a hybrid car is the ability of the vehicle to keep up with other cars on the road. Hybrid cars are typically more expensive than those cars that just use gas, but that is usually made up by the fact that their operating costs are much less.

There are a couple of draw backs that many have had to get used this is the speed factor. The hybrid cars have not been able to go as fast as the gasoline driven cars. Honestly though, it is definitely safer to drive slower, and more economical. Another drawback would be that the hybrid cars are not as fancy as the gasoline driven cars. But with a little modesty you can get past that too.

Honda has made the first hybrid sold in the United States. It is called the Insight. Honda states that it is the most fuel efficient at sixty six miles per gallon. This particular hybrid is a sporty looking car that looks like a lot of fun to drive. This is a gasoline / electric car that you do not have to plug in.

Honda's goal has been to be environmentally fundamentally friendly for quite a few years now. The Insight was first introduced in December, 1999. They won the highest fuel economy rating awards from 2000 to 2005. The Insight does not require a special type of fuel, it uses regular unleaded gasoline. It depends mostly on the gasoline engine; the electric motor assists when extra power is needed. The batteries are recharged during the forward momentum and during breakage. The gasoline engine also does some charging of the batteries.

More and more hybrid vehicles are coming on the market, making saving gas money a much easier perspective. The Insight exceeds all safety standards, from emission standards to personal safety standards for seat belts and airbags. As the new vehicles are developed, it is expected that prices for these electric and hybrid cars will decline to a more natural number.

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