Are there any cars that drive themselves Good or Bad Ideas?

Have you ever wondered whether you would always want to drive your car or fully automate it to drive you? Would that be a good idea? Let's get into the debate. Read it to find out.

A fully automated car would mean reacting as a robot to sensors and other activators. Would you like to have full control over your car and decide everything? Am I pleased with the idea?

As for me, I'm not. I would like to control my car at least with the remote control or something similar.

If my car was driving, I would not be fully aware of whether it responded properly to sensors and activators. I would not be aware of any problems until some kind of damage or accident occurs. So I do not want to take risks, especially if I travel with my family.

What if a fully automated car would alert me? The problem remains, whether I am able to solve the problem myself or even investigate a gas station nearby. Again, I do not want to take the risk and I want to have some control over my car.

At the same time, it would be good to give up on all your driving charges to your car. I would just order the command to the car and take it to the desired destination. It would be nice to have fun with the tours as well as friends and family, but the pressure and worry is still there in the back of my mind the risks discussed earlier. So which car do you want?

If you decide that there is a car that drives itself, I have to say that this is not a good idea. It's always great to drop the glasses and my hair down, sit on the driver's seat, look for traffic signs, and drive the car carefully. I wish I had the power to have a beautiful car and really drive and enjoy it.

Even better, a fully automated car should have the ability to control the car owner on the road to be able to control and actually drive when things go wrong. This option also allows car owners to enjoy some degree of relief, protection and safety

What would you think about this? Can you choose a fully automated or partially automated version of the car? Think about it, and I think you agree with me.

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