Are you a great way to show that you are a specialist in your field?

Potential customers search the web. Will they find it? When do they find you know that you're an expert, what are you doing? Do We Have More Specialties? If there are too many keywords on a site, it may be a counter. Here are some ideas for showing your business without disrupting your view.

Create a separate URL that contains the area of ​​expertise or the keywords you want to optimize. You do not need to invest much money or webmasters. Use a blog and store it on a separate server (Host Gator is great for this purpose) so you can use your own domain name. For example, if you are a lawyer, you can use land consolidation.

After you've created the blog, download the land-planning information. Add articles, links to printers, checklists, etc. If this is not the material you create, be sure to obtain permission from the author to create a link to their material. Enter a banner ad on your home page for your business. Make sure and list the methods your readers can contact you, including a link to your site.

If you need more expertise, create a blog page for all areas. For example, if you or others specialize in real estate blocking in your office, create a separate blog page. Use your keywords – remember to localize your keywords by adding your city, county, or state to your keyword.

Why does this work?

Because your site's content is rich and focuses on a narrow subject that is rich in keywords – search engines naturally rank your site by using these keywords for searches. Keep in mind that keyword density is one of the key factors of ranking. This means how many times you use the keyword on a particular page. According to the thumb, 2-3% of the page should be keywords.

When your site appears at the top ranking, content is more reliable than a general site. You prove that you are the "go" person in this area.

When placing an ad on a homepage, it shows you are the expert in this area and the person you can contact when the reader resonates with the written text.

What you are looking for, search engines rank your site and the credibility of your site makes it easier for your readers to click. Once you're on the site, they're looking at the topic and clicking on the banner ad.

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