Are you leaving your powers?

This weekend I enjoy retirement in the business life of my soulmates in one of our own order in the Manzanita village. The time away from the office is time to reach the prospect and support and support with like-minded business spirits is always so powerful and effective. I'm very grateful to this tribe.

I found out something at the beginning of the week and I think it will be useful to you too. I had a conversation that started a few hours later. I felt first and later I was angry. With the trigger, I refer to reactive emotions that are discussed internally for a conversation or event. They are reactive in nature, ie anger, frustration, anger, defensiveness, and so on. No matter how hard it is, where our animal side wants to react. I let him sit down a little bit, and after explaining the conversation to a trusted counselor – my husband – that I realized was going on under the rage was the power I let go. Do you know the times when you explain or justify too much? These are the symptoms that give power. Read today's article where I share more about expressing your power – it's sneaky – and how to shift it. For at first glance it may seem that the other person's fault – how do they dare? – but really something we have to look deep into ourselves.

You give your power when:

– secondly you figure it out

– explain why you did or did not do something

– apologize for things that were not your fault – other than the situation

– Confirm if you do not tell someone

– You agree to do things (outside acceptable compromise)

– You need to ask for a security (aka do not trust yourself)

– You let him the other ask all questions in a sales conversation

– you agree that if you do not

– you can not stand yourself and blame others and be shameful (there are ways to do it with respect and compassion) when other people's energy take over

the last person at the bar at a conference

Maybe I was too far with the last ones but you got the point. to leave his power?

This is when it slides into an unpowered place instead of getting stronger and confident.

We're working to relocate this.

Well, the first step to be aware of it. Think of the examples above – and you can find others – is the most you feel at home?

Second, think about what you want to replace. How would you do if you would rather feel empowered and self-assured? How to Show, Decide, Talk, Dress, etc. Who would be like your version?

Do you know this saying "false until you do it"?

Third, Start Displaying This Version Daily

Finally, map out your tangible examples in your life where you can start behaving like this is the best version and start recovering. 19659002] "Act like" again and again until it becomes "ha".

The subconscious mind likes repetition. 98% of what you do and how you show it unconsciously.

You deserve to be self-confident and powerful – that is, you can create anything if you want to be happy when we feel the best.

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