At a glance: Ford Focus Electric

BEV Focus Offers Electrified Difference

At the end of 2011, Ford Focus Electric will be available in the latest and perhaps the most intelligent models in compact Focus models. The engine of the permanent magnet electric motor developed by LG Chem is a lithium-ion battery that results in 123 horsepower and 181 horsepower. The electrified 5-door hatchback is based in Michigan's congregational factory, Wayne, Michigan.

Although not yet available, there are some things about Focus Electric that we already know. One, the Escort EV is expected to be in miles per gallon more than the Chevrolet Volt. You can charge the charger for three to four hours, which is half the Nissan LEAF with a 240 volt charging station. The highest speed is 84 miles per hour and the pure electric range has to hit the 90 miles planned by the LEAF.

MyFord Touch

New Features and Technologies for Focus EV The MyFord Touch driver connectivity system specially designed for electric vehicles offers innovative value-added functionality for Microsoft and MyFord Mobile, a state-of-the-art smartphone which helps remote control of plug-in owners' vehicles

. Focus steering wheel buttons that allow the driver to customize a couple of 4.2-inch LCD dashboard screens that show battery status, distance to the next charging station, and other operational and technical features. This information allows the driver to track the driving mode, which is ideal for those who want to change the range and efficiency with the ability to change driving behavior.

BEV Focus includes a front independent MacPherson spring suspension and rear control disc multilink independent system. Electric power steering, four-wheel, four-way anti-lock braking system, disc brakes and four-wheel disc brakes with regenerative braking are key features in the electric focus.

The electric focus with a 104.3-inch wheelbase and a length of 171.7 inches. This vehicle is 72.4 inches wide and 58.9 inches tall. With five passenger seats, the Focus 60/40 has a split rear seat, a 15-spoke 17-inch wheel, a push-button and a voice-controlled navigation system.

Additional Features

Sirius Satellite The radio is standard with EV Focus and includes a six-month probation period. Owners have access to more than 130 radio stations offering commercial, freely playable music, entertainment, entertainment and sports.

One of the most innovative features of battery electric focus is the illuminated charging gates, Focus is ready to go or not. When owners connect the cord to the electric charging hole between the cab and the front wheel, activate the light rings around the peg to show that it is connected. Charging is still in progress when the rings flash. Charging is completed when the rings are clear.

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