at the Porsche 911 race

The second oldest sport car still manufactured (Chevrolet Corvette is the oldest), the Porsche 911 was introduced in 1943 in Stuttgart, Germany. The design of the 911 was constantly changing over its lifetime, but the car's overall approach remained the same. The car continues to feature a rear-end motorcycle, a Porsche-designed VW Beetle.

The 911 has proven its performance in a number of races, and this proved to be one of the most successful models. Various versions of 911 performed very well in racing and rally events, Cerrera RSR has won numerous events in the nineties.

The Porsche 911 is ranked fifth in the ninety-nine nine international Car of the Century prize due to its reputation, design, focus and undoubtedly competitive success. Race 911 could simply be argued that it is the oldest of the oldest cars in recent times, and this is the only car still in the top five production and the second oldest sports car in production. The other cars are in the top five; Model T, Mini, DS and Porsche Volkswagen Beetle have been designed.

The strongest and fastest Porsche, the 911 GT1, has been developed for the Le Mans competition in the nineties. Although it was different from the 911 standard, the model had 20 ways to meet the racing requirements. These mid-engine 911s were the strongest and fastest 911s.

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