Automotive Redux – The 2010 Honda Insight

In 1999, Honda introduced the first mass-produced hybrid car to the US market, the two-seater Insight. Strangely shaped and a bit incorrect, it won the hearts of the owners, while the car reached an astonishing 70 mpg and far outstrips the rest of the road. Unfortunately, Insight has never had a lot of sales magnets, and Honda was discontinued in 2006 as the Japanese car manufacturer decided to offer its popular Civic hybrid version.

In 2009, the new Insight debuted, as Honda is looking for new deals in the high demand segment. Contrary to the original model, Insight has a cleaner design, has an excellent fuel mileage and is cheaper for thousands of dollars than the competing Toyota Prius. In the true Honda fashion, the car maker is somewhat tedious of the new Insight, but we collected the following information from automated sources that we are currently sharing with you.

Presentation of 2010 Honda Insight

Yes, Insight returns to states in fresh shape and is ready for battle. This exciting model is known:

FCX Clarity – Honda's hydrogen carrier is FCX Clarity, which tests an attractive model in Japan and California. Find Insight to borrow your look from the hydrogen model.

Sharing the Components of Fit – Citizens are no longer the lowest in the Honda, this is the difference between Fit and Fit. Find Insight by using the same components in Fit while working with the hybrid Civic 1.3L engine.

Money Back – We're trying to find Priust for $ 21,000, which is almost impossible since most models from Toyota showrooms cost $ 23,000. According to Honda, the starting price for Insight will be $ 18,500 in the industry.

Fuel Extension Continues – The fuel mileage is the biggest unknown to the new Insight, but we know this: the car will beat Priust and can really recharge the original model with 71 mpg! Cars (and runners) with air conditioning reduce fuel numbers as well as some other versions, but Insight is a great option on a motorway over 60 mpg and a city of at least 50 mpg.

Honda intensifies production

Honda plans to ship 200,000 Insights per year and half to the United States. Gas prices floating above $ 4 per gallon and the absence of hybrid cars next summer, Insight's future introduction will be happy to help pump the pain to thousands of lucky drivers.

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