Awakening from Financial Tales – Why Investing in Cash Flow?

Due to the rapid changes in today's world, many schools do not teach students in financial literacy. As a result, most people are easily spoiled for bad financial information and lose money. Due to financial fairy tales, many people play in the game of capital gains and believe this is the best way to get rich. It is important to note, however, that the acquisition of wealth is more sustainable and that is cash flow. Now let's find out why investing in cash is good.

In today's world, a real financial approach must keep cash flow, because every day, 10% of the assets passively collect the money 90% from the bottom. Good education is no longer enough because schools are causing students to spend money for the rich. For example, buying cars.

Here, the harder is the 90% of the bottom, and the more you earn, the more money flows to the highest 10%, making them richer. For example, if you work harder and earn more money, you buy more luxury items than branded watches (marketed as the symbol of wealth and status), and these manufacturers earn more money from the charges they charge.

Given the wealth of money that wealth is rich, many have kept their secrets very well because they do not want others to be richer. In today's information age, however, information is rapidly spreading and the same applies to the secrets of wealth. As a result, much easier information available so far is much easier for us to get richer and richer and have cash flow.

The importance of investing in cash flows lies in sustainability, consistency and predictability. Cash-flow investments are better than for capital gains (eg Purchase and sale of stocks) because they are not dependent on the market. For example, regardless of the shape of the market, rental real estate can still exist because people always need places where they can live. Rather than sometimes make the economy worse, more people will have to rent houses, flowing to the investor.

For comparison, if the economy is in a bad state, the stock market will be a bear and this will result in equity investments, for example, stocks that you do not want to keep. Here, investing in capital income is gambling because markets will always change, and if you do not change your strategy, you will lose. As cash flow is less dependent on market conditions, it is more of an evergreen investment, it has less impact on the market, investors can more consistently increase cash flow growth.

In summary, I think investors now have a clear picture of why cash flow investments are better because they are particularly resistant to market conditions compared to other financial assets. Now, armed with better financial artillery, win the war and enjoy the fruit!

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