Bee Pollen Vegan? This is a tough choice!

Every decent vegan knows that honey is not vegan, because bees use "honey" to process bees, but pollen vegan?

Well, there is no simple, simple answer to this, as this is a personal choice based on how you handle and live with your veganism. Some vegans are stricter than others, while some are pretty reluctant to behave like vegans.

In this article, we look at the leader points on which pollen can be or not vegan, and why vegans use pollen while others will not touch a large column.

First of all, we must determine that vegan is the non-vegans who read it: […] "Veganism is a way of life that excludes the exploitation and cruelty of the animal empire and includes the respect for life that the plant empire products, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, honey, animal milk and with the exception of and encourage the use of alternative materials for all or part of the animal's origin. "

Donald Watson, 1944

arguments and bee pollen as vegan vegan involves boycotting all forms of exploitation of animals, but still have to ask for pollen vegan. Having determined that harvesting or pollen is a form of exploitation

On the one hand, because bees are usually kept strictly for fertilizing orchards and often hire to fertilize flowers. So humankind takes advantage of the honey bees' abilities and makes pollen a vegan.

However, this pollen waste product, bees do not collect their own purpose, nor do people encourage or exploit them to collect pollen. Furthermore, not all beekeepers are kept for human purposes; some apiaries have been developed for the benefit of the environment. In some parts of the world, with the minimum bees, apiaries are set up to encourage the growth and flowering of local plants and pollen associated with these businesses is not produced.

Finally, this is a personal choice

All of the above reasons apply; is this of course a personal choice when a decision is made, pollen vegan or not?

This is due to the fact that the intake of the heating element has a minimal effect, namely pollen with natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals, filled with substances that the diet is missing from being a vegan. By pollen you will find the minerals and vitamins you lost when you cut meat, eggs and dairy products out of your diet.

Overall, I have to reiterate that "the bee pollen vegan?" There is a decision based on vegan rigor and cling to the quotation above. However, if you personally decide that pollen is not vegan, you may lose the chance to get a natural daily diet that is more than one energy drink and a multivitamin combined.

like pollen is a wise move for those vegans who stay as strong as they are still looking for high energy, non-vegan foods.

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