Best British cars

Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Lotus – what's common? If you think these are the best cars in the world, then it's ok. But apart from being the best car in the world, these cars are all British cars.

Jaguar gained world renown in the 1960s due to the upper road sections of the drop. This is a favorite car in many movies, such as Austin Powers. Jaguar is currently owned by Indian Tata Motors.

Another British car is Rolls Royce. With regard to the millionaires' cars, Rolls Royce is known for its class and size. Often used as a limousine by the rich and famous all over the world. Over the years, Rolls Royce has produced such expensive and exclusive car models, such as Phantom, one of the favorite cars of 50 Cent and P Diddy Hollywood celebrities.

It should not be forgotten when the best British car is Aston Martin. This car is best known as Agent 007 or James Bond, a fictitious character of the same name movie. Aston Martin produces hybrid style supercars like Vanquish and DB9 models.

Finally, there is Lotus, an iconic British car that is well known for racing cars and road cars. Lotus has produced a sports car such as Elise and Exige, which are not only the smallest, but the fastest supercars.

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