Best Car and Wax Tips from Professionals

It is a proven fact that the better your car, the greater the value you get for resale or trade. Proper car care services include washing, waxing and polishing, not only the best in your car, but also helps to preserve your value and keep it longer. For the purposes of this article, many experts and other similar professionals have questioned what works best. Here are the best car care recommendations:

Start with a garage or a shaded area. The hot day of proper car care and cleaning is hard, if not impossible and can have a detrimental effect on the car's end. Then thoroughly moisten the car. This removes dirt and road debris that can cause scratches if you skip this step and start using sponge and soap in the car. If it is a warm day, be sure to moisten the car regularly, so do not dry the foam or chemical detergents.

Then use a car wash solution, do not use general cleaners and cleaning agents that have never been used for car care and car wash. The car wash solution does not drain the paint or the tape and may remove the protective coatings. The long, sharp, soft, scrubbing brush greatly reduces the time needed to thoroughly clean the car. This makes your back and muscles easier. You can get a good quality brush at Walmart at a cheap price of approx. $ 10 to $ 15 – you buy one, you'll be glad. When you have finished washing the car, use rust to dry your car. The rust quickly removes the water and does not leave the veil that the terry cloth is in front of. Regular car washing removes things such as bird droppings, faults, and industrial contamination, all of which are harmful to the car's paint and finish. If there is tire or stubborn faults after washing, use faults and tar tar before waxing and polishing.

It's a good idea to use the cleaning cleanser / Polish. This removes minor imperfections in the environment and sunshine in the paint, removes minor scratches and provides a good surface for car wax or car polishing. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Basically, you use a cleaner wax as a wax – with a circular motion and you handle an area or a panel simultaneously. Use modest pressure and let it dry in a whitish gloom. Bufft wipe with a clean cloth and apply it again as needed.

You must decide to use car wax or polishing polish. According to experts, carnauba car wax has the deepest and least spectacular glow, but it also provides the weakest protection in a hard environment (acid rain, extreme temperature ranges, bird droppings, etc.). Car polishing is easier to use because it requires less effort to remove or remove it. This also lasts longer (some have a polymer, even Teflon, and it lasts until 52 cars are washed after 1 application). Car polishing still allows the appearance of a new car, and unanimous recommendation of our specialists for all outdoor use (car wax recommended for mainly car shows). Both car polishing and car wax are used in the same way, and many are equipped with a rag or foam. Apply a little circular motion like a cleanser / polish. Car polishing is easier and simpler than car wax, and requires only one layer for high protection in any climatic environment. After letting it dry, lower it, but use a microfiber towel as it becomes faster and dirty.

The steps outlined above for best car washing, waxing and polishing have the best light, maximum protection, last car hold and highest value. Keep in mind that a caring car care service will be able and will go in the long run.

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