Best MPG Cars – How to Build Your Own Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are now angry. If you see that the Toyota Prius glides on quiet engines, it caresses its slim, glamorous appearance, new upholstery and new car scent. This and other hybrid cars will be the next wave of fuel cars in the future. What if I told you he had his own hybrid car and he was sitting in his garage. Just now.

In the strictest sense, a hybrid vehicle is "a vehicle that uses two or more different resources to drive the vehicle". For this purpose, the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is used as a comparison. HEV has an internal combustion engine and an electric motor in a housing. This gives HEV the phenomenal mileage.


– When the gas engine is switched off, the fuel is idle with lower energy

– Charging the electric elements during combustion with the engine, regenerative braking or both

– Combustion engine with smaller power and power maximizing and reducing weight and reducing work waste (around 20% of the wheels move directly to the wheels due to firing, noise or unburned fuel).

Needless to say, holding a hybrid car is expensive. The most up-to-date technology and living rights in general.

If you do not have the budget, third-party hybrid stocks are also available to convert conventional cars to a hybrid system. However, as in the case above, costs are still prohibited. You might want to buy a hybrid car, why not?

No, third-party hybrid kits do not apply to this article.

So what is the purpose of being a hybrid car? You can find out about the mileage you are driving, the most miles / gallon (MPG) or the miles per kilometer (KPL). And if you need your mileage, you just have to look at the tap. Water. Or better. Hydrogen and oxygen.

Yes, hydrogen-on-demand systems are like hybrid systems except for much more money. You do not have to buy a new car. This works well in the car he has been doing in the past five, ten, and twenty years.

And he'll give you a new life in the car.

Hydrogen is surprisingly not a new technology. In the 19th century, like light gas light, "oxyhydrogen" is used to heat calcareous pieces to illuminate the night.

Although the use of pure hydrogen after a few years is perfect, somebody got the big idea why not mix with conventional gas or diesel fuel? Eureka. One way to reach an unimaginable mileage for a fraction of the cost of a hybrid car. This system is called hydrogen-on-demand (HOD).

The HOD system is a vehicle-mounted hydrogen and oxygen delivery method that divides water into hydrogen and oxygen during electrolysis. The power is made of batteries and the hydrogen-oxygen mixture (HHO) is burned into the engine. Naysayers says this is an impossible process because it requires more energy to generate hydrogen to drive the car with full force.

But who said something about driving a car on pure hydrogen? Why not mix with gas or gas oil? Eureka once more. It takes only a minute of hydrogen to burn a strong gas burn or gas oil.

The following effects occur when hydrogen is incorporated into an internal combustion engine and is compressed:

-Vapor gas comes out of the exhaust gas due to the HHO ignition

for carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, as HHO burns the mixture better and requires less fossil fuel for each cycle.

– The engine emits more energy than ethanol-based blends, maintaining the overall performance of the car

– Engine more than 12% -70% Fuel is burned to produce cleaner emissions

– Fuel octane levels rise because hydrogen improves anti-knockout properties, making the engine quieter

– shortens engine temperature

– the engine needs less gas to use cycle


HOD systems only generate hydrogen and are safe. If there is no current through the HOD system, no reaction occurs. There is no hydrogen stored in this system, but medium, which is basically water.


Parts come from everyday parts found in hardware stores and major electronics stores. The total unit cost can range from $ 70 to $ 200.

The solution offered by most HOD businesses is the design of "do-it-yourself" systems that offer the system to the consumer if they so wish. Thus, customers can build or buy units themselves after understanding the concept after obtaining fraud prevention plans.

For more information about building your own HOD system, increasing fuel economy, and increasing MPG, visit the following URL.

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