Billion cars

What kind of car would you buy if money was not the subject? For the wealthiest people in the world, this is a reality, the vehicle is unavailable. Some search for hyper-supercars such as the Bugatti Veyron, and ground-shaking engines choose luxury cars that are briskly cruising along the way.

Bill Gates, the world's richest billionaire and there Cars

Bill Gates, who has been the richest man in the world for more than a year, has been committed to Porsche. He had several owners from the 959 coupe to the 911 convertible. In fact, taking into account his huge fortune, his choice in the car is rather modest.

Larry Ellison is another tech giant and owner of the Oracle software company, he has a nice collection of super-expensive cars. Currently it is owned by Audi R8, Acura NSX and Bentley Continental Flying Spur, all of which are a billionaire car.

But not every extremely wealthy man wants to advertise his fortune through cars. One of the most well-known savage billionaire Warren Buffett; in fact, his cover page even says: "Thrifty" By 2006 he wore a Lincoln Town car and auctioned it on eBay to raise money for charity, even though he was regularly one of the world's most beneficial billionaires , with a private jet, knocked out, Buffett said he wanted to travel more comfortably, later "Incompatible." Another billionaire who does not support extravagance is Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA's founder of furniture, behemoth.

Ultimate Cars

Billions of billionaires who buy the most up-to-the-minute boys hobbies and competitions: who can get the latest model of the Volvo 240 GL in 1993. Still working on a bus, flying economy class and regularly discounted cards "In some cases, the most reputable car manufacturers make only a dozen unique models, so simply waiting ahead And yet, buyers sometimes have to wait for several years to get the car.

For the Ferrari FXX, you can not even pick it up at home. Ferrari takes care of you and allows you to test your car during private sessions. This car is an extremely rich racing fan who can afford a penny of 1.5 million pounds. Only 20 are made, they are very exclusive. Buying a car will allow the owner to effectively become the Ferrari test driver. Their competitors and engineers measure and monitor performance. Every year, there are sports competitions that allow FXX owners to compete throughout Europe.

The best car for the billionaires chassis-driven who enjoy the Maybach 62 at a speed that exceeds luxury. It has a rear seat and many other luxurious extras to make the longest travel as comfortable as possible. The car is worth over $ 450,000 and has a V-12 twin-turbo engine with over 500 braking power. Famous such as P Diddy and Simon Cowell are fortunate owners of Maybach 62.

He thinks the time is up to the richer the cars. But not every billionaire seems, some are choosing modest cars that do not even take a look.

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