Blur – a powerful racing game from Activision

Blur is a racing game that is ready to provide real-world experience in car racing with real-world locations and real karting. Unlike other games that depend on powerups, blur depends entirely on the physical model and player's ability.

Players are able to buy cars and other special abilities with a new rating system based on Competitiveness, number of fans, and more. You can upgrade your car from the amount of money donated by fans and move to the next level of the race. Competition takes place at a fictional site with popular network sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Currently online players can organize many street streets that run the game. The Multiplayer game supports 20 different competitions with up to 4 players.

The site is divided between 14 different cities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Brazil, enabling them to explore various tourist sites. But at the same time to get the look and feel of the game, the different tracks will be the main attractions. Different uploads can consist of up to 5 digits and can be used simultaneously for fast racing.

Below is a list of recent ups and downs: Shock, Barge, Shield, Shop and so on. Use Barge to remove your opponents from the track. Protecting your car from other attacks can create shields. New Blur Game will discover many other secret privileges.

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