BMW 760i

Following the successful success of the two major record carriers of the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS and the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS, the 750-hp 5.0-liter V10 two-compressor engine is only the company of G-POWER's complete car to refer to the so-called "G-POWER Super Cars" is an integral part of the G-POWER program in the future. G-POWER is a rapidly growing division of G-POWER, in which the G-POWER program is an integral part of all custom-made vehicles, the so-called "G-POWER Super Cars".

In addition to the G-POWER factory-built vehicles, along with the 100% customer orientation and the G-POWER Supercars features, the complete revision of the current parent engine is the goal of being the world's most powerful and fastest BMW model on wheels .

The G-POWER STORM 760i, a striking example of the outstanding performance of the BMW program, the latest work and the exceptional performance of the G-POWER manufactory, is the M-feeling for BMW Luxus Liner.

• 725 hp / 533 kW at 5,500 rpm (19459003) • 1000 Nm 2000 rpm (+ 250 Nm)
• V-max: 345 km / h
• 0-100 km / h: 4,2
• 0-200 km / h: 11.9
• Total vehicle G-POWER STORM 760i F01: 365,000.00 – G-POWER G-POWER G-POWER G-POWER STORM 760iL F02: 375,000, – € net (19459003) • Thanks to the popular consumer, the G-POWER is the first in the BMW M models to adopt and develop aerodynamics, wheels and increased engine power optimization.

The G-POWER performance enhancer of the 6.0-liter V12 BI-TURBO engine is the two separate versions of the BMW dual-turbo turbocharger. In cooperation with compressor manufacturer ASA, the 20 years of experience gained in the development and production of centrifugal compressors (centrifugal compressors, essentially from the crankshaft through the belt drive through the turbocharger compressor units), the performance of the two turbochargers increased significantly without compromising their durability.

As a result, the maximum increase in pressure increases between 0.5 bar (relative) and 0.9 bar (relative). Supporting measures on the engine to ensure that growth can be achieved in order to increase pressure. A further 181 hp (133 KW) is released, delivering full output power up to 5,500 rpm, up to 725 horsepower and 1000 Nm maximum torque at 2000 rpm. In order to achieve these impressive additional services, bigger injectors and a completely new exhaust system are used to reduce the pressure, including the necessary sports catalysts. Reprogramming the engine control and incorporating the BMW 8-speed automatic transmission significantly modifies the overall harmony of the package.

The intensive power of the modified G-POWER BMW V12 bi-turbo engine features the G-POWER 760i Storm's top performance and drives it to the top of the vehicle: the 100 km / h sprint takes just 4.2 seconds. After 11.9 seconds it reaches 200 km / h. The highest speed is 345 km / h.

The G-POWER 760i STORM not only delivers powerful performance, but also exclusive G-POWER highlights thanks to STORM's advanced aerodynamic package, G-POWER Super Cars. Here, the brand's distinctly designed aerodynamic package not only improves on its own but also improves cold air supply to cooling water and oil coolers in front of the vehicle due to the larger air ducts on the front apron and hood blades. Thanks to these changes, the total cooling capacity grew by about 15%, based on heat-tolerant performance.

The most outstanding component of the BMW 760i G-POWER aerodynamic package is the solid carbon, separate front bumper that completely replaces the original part. The somewhat striking front of the current Series 7 is characterized by the aggressiveness required, requiring 725 horsepower and 345 km / h. In the sophisticated form, the aerodynamic lift also decreased. Another highlight is a Kevlar hybrid G-POWER STORM hood with Venturi fan motor fan and two side ABS sensors used for ventilation. Better disassembly ensures that the two turbocharger engines and the delicate new face of the BMW 760i are impressive.

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