Buick Guide

Buick has enjoyed a rich history for more than a century – in 1903 Buick Motor Car Company was founded in 1904, Buick's first model. From the very beginning of production, Buick's popularity in design, functionality and technology has always been improved by the company. Buick is currently GM's only American-based semi-luxury brand and the world's fourth oldest brand.

Buick in the 50s and 60s

The 1950s indicate the age of super cars in Buick's production. The Buick has a unique style and size, with many rooms, even with 2-door models. In the 1950's, the typical shape of the Buick tail lamps was a small circular ball-shaped layer. Buick La Saber (Buick Lesabre) is one of the most popular full-size cars and was launched in 1959. In 2005 before the model was lifted, Buick La Saber enjoyed the sophisticated elegance story for more than 12 consecutive years!

In the early 1960's, Buick's design has become simpler. The famous athletic Buick Riviera was launched in 1963. Buick, the engine used for the V8 engine, became popular among the hot rods in the 1950s and 1960s because vertical mounting of the valve covers made it possible to insert the engine into smaller spaces while providing easy access to maintenance. Buick models have always enjoyed the special Buick add-ons and Buick components that make them unique to the hot drum and the public.

Buick was brave enough to feel what he wanted in the American market – he conquered the hearts and triumphed. Buick wrote a golden chapter in America's car history and Buick owners are proud to have bought one of the most beautiful cars of their time!


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