Cadillac XLR – New Supercar

The Mercedes-Benz SLK style has clearly influenced the new Cadillac XLR, which features the latest Cadillacs square appearance. It does not look bad at all, though the headlamps look as if they were placed next to the wide grid.

With a peak speed of up to 155 km / h and approx. It can reach 60 km / h in 5.7 seconds – this is slightly faster than the Jaguar XK, thanks to the larger engine. Other competitors include Mercedes-Benz SL and Porsche 911.

Views may be misleading. The car is wide and low and looks great. In fact, it is quite compact, only 177.5 inches long and 72.2 inches wide. The car looks very good, especially from the side. And you get a very practical SLK-like roof. I think most of the convertibles will soon become "metal" convertibles, and the rags will disappear – maybe not in every supercar. The XLR has a lot of energy: 326-pound speed at 6,500 rpm / 423 Nm, 4,400 rpm for the GM Northstar 4.6-liter V-8- which would be a bit harder – 350-360 inches, which would not be difficult to get into this engine, would make things much more interesting.

the car brakes and the Northstar's aluminum block and the dohc and the four valves per cylinder are good turns. Variable valve timing improves propulsion efficiency

The engine is coupled with a rear-wheel drive with five-speed automatic transmission – at 5 speeds, disadvantages European super cars with a six-speed automatic, but designed for sporty changes. Since the box is rear mounted and the engine is relatively well back, the front / rear weight distribution is 50/50.

New Framework Concept

Based on the new platform of sports cars with Corvette, the XLR is a relatively lightweight steel frame. The hydroformation changes the shape dramatically in curves, rectangularly altering the section and thus creating a light frame. The passenger compartment is aluminum and the body panel is made of composite plastic. This is a structure that can compete with many supercars

This is a relatively lightweight construction, and despite its high level of equipment, the car is healthy at 3,643 lb (1,654 kg), which is only 130 lb more than the new lightweight Jaguar XK and of course is a bit more than the Corvette, which has a lower specification but a larger engine.

Double Towing Suspension

Suspension is the familiar Corvette construction of the front and rear round spring springs. The result is a simple, lightweight system that provides more coil stiffness – resistant to winding – than coil springs. Spring speeds are progressive, so in the way big bumps are created as the smallest ones. There is also a front rolling bar.

For weight reduction, the front and rear wheel drums are made of aluminum; Of course, composite leaf springs are also lightweight. These types of letter sources – just one letter – actually use very advanced technology as they do not look for wheels and contain some clever manufacturing techniques.

Dampers are a new, electromagnetically variable type, and steering is speed-sensitive, giving you more assistance at low speeds.

Because this is Cadillac, it has high specifications. In Europe, navigation and heated / cooled seats are standard, such as adaptive speed control and an upside-down display. The inside, wood, leather and aluminum casing is pleasing

On the road

The Cadillac XLR is the same plant and concept with the Cadillac XLR as the Corvette is the one who wants to ride better

Visibility is good thanks to the slim columns, the opening roof and the almost flat hood. Like the Corvette, both the tools and the driving situation are good. There is also an upside-down display that only shows the speed and in which gear it is and can not be turned off. Damage. I did not find it useful.

Governance is not bad at all, and the XLR goes well as you expect it to be, but once you press the pressure, you start to feel a little underrun, which is not bad on the market – this is the luxury sport car the hard-loaded superstar driver. But the car is not as low as possible with neutral steering.

The automatic is good. In D the performance is not bad at all, and kick-down is pretty aggressive. There is also a manual mode. Push the lever to the left, then roll it upwards and backwards. This works very well and is actually a handbook. I mean, some of these are actually interchanged when the highest speed is reached. It is not;

Overall, the Cadillac XLR is a good example of a sporty two-seater luxury car, but not Jaguar XK and Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Others, contemplated, include more powerful and more sporty Corvette and Viper SRT-10.

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