Camaro – Waves of the future

After some new research, the new camaro, which reached the floor of the showroom in mid-2008, learned in 2009 that Chevrolet had done an excellent job of designing and implementing the car. the interior space for the exterior appearance.

This car attracts buyers from all parts of the muscle cell era, I know for sure it's impressive and I'm not so impressed with using a 1969 Z / 28 camaro and I think the new version just as much as the Camaro built in 1969 to be a real player in the car market.

First of all, I will admit that when I first saw the 2009 Camaro I did not really like it, but then I really did research the thought behind the Camaro I realized the new version was made after GM did some research own.

They heard that people who would buy a car would say that they were investigating the sale of Ford Mustang and inspecting things that are better or worse and trying to design a car that takes the best results of the findings, I think this is a good formula.

They try to keep the price on the basic models so people can afford to buy them, working 22 instead of 22 ", which is a very good choice, in my opinion it helps reduce their cost to make the car and help to keep some of the attitude of the muscle car that the camaro needs.

My headline reminds me of an airplane's cockpit, while it is really retro in the rigging of the rig and its instruments, there is even a center console that would remind you of the 1969 SS or the Z / 28 Camaro and that's a very good thing .

They have done a great job of sticking to the roots that have to be a camaro, in the 1960s the camaro was a cutting-edge muscle car and today's camaro is the same thing Camaro has become the household word of the 1960s and I think it will be re-released. My best estimate is that the camaro needs to bring Chevrolet's muscle fists to check and sell a very needed push in Chevrolet, I know I'll be there when the floor is at the showroom floor in the dealer, I want to buy one of the average cars .

My friends gave me the nickname Mr. Camaro, I'm a Camaro faction from the first day when I entered a camaro in 1969 owned by my neighbor, I knew I had it, just like me now I need such a bad thing to catch my teeth unexpectedly.

Just like when I bought my 1969 camaro in my childhood and I got another one, do not be fooled, I did not give up the old ones, just because the new one where I have roots and where they are going always be.

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