Car Games – is it as good as the real thing?

The question I frequently ask is, "How do car games resemble the real racing car?"

This is a very good question and one that I was definitely prepared to answer because I was lucky enough to pick up a few hours behind the PC racing cars and the real race car.

Before I get into the pebble gravel, allow me to share some obvious and unclear differences.

first Car games on the computer are considerably cheaper than real (apparent) driving, but what most people do not think is the time-consuming commitment that real-world competition requires. For example, before the end of the race weekend, I usually spend at least 2 nights in the shop preparing the car for weekend races. This would include checking the toes, fit and weight distribution. I had to check all the liquids, check the nuts and bolts, and (if necessary) replace the tires or brake pads. If I have been injured in the previous race, it will take at least two days. If you have your life out of the race, that can be quite a problem, let me tell you. The NASCAR game on your PC, then there is no problem.

2nd Playing NASCAR on a computer allows you to drive a wide variety of cars on a wide range of tracks. In real life, I could hardly let a racing car with which I had, and if I was lucky, I could do two kinds of tracks with any regularity.

3rd Playing computer tournaments is not a threat to your health. May cause serious injury or death in a real racing car (okay, that was obvious but worth mentioning!)

So with these few ideas, the actual difference between the "track" experience can be dumped!

I have to admit, there is nothing like a real racing car's web to get started on the track. This is one of the greatest excitement I've ever felt in my life! It does not look like odor, feeling from the racing seat to the roar of the engine. In addition, the acceleration sensation is a pure crack at a speed like me.

Unfortunately, the PC racing game does not do much to match the first (and important) attributes. This is, of course, unless you invest TON money in a motion simulator.

Obviously, we get such a motion simulator, this is beyond the budget for each simulator. If not, why not just buy a real racing car?

So why do you have to compete? Ah … because there are very good parts !!

One of the modern physics models in today's games gives you a good job of feedback you need to really improve your skill … not to mention that you have a high degree of satisfaction in performing a heel just right.

Most importantly, increasing the speed of a racing car, whether online or off, it's the most efficient way to handle the car's weight around the four wheels while driving the car around the track. If you get bogged down, you rotate the wheel and pinch on the brakes, it will be slow – as simple as that. Why? Simple, improper mass transfer results in loss of mechanical grip and, if it loses adhesion, it slows down.

Another similar significance is the tuning of the suspension. Whether it's a virtual car or a real car, providing the right springs, sliding rods, shocks, etc. It's definitely critical for a handy racing car that is competitive. The principles applied in the real world apply equally to the virtual world. The tip of the hat is programmers in this regard!

And finally (at least in this post), the remainder of racing cars is a psychological aspect. The whole purpose of the competition is to compete with other people – and especially to whip them! In the days of online competitors, the experience was not as good as it is today. Thanks to the technology and the connection speeds, warping is a bit of a thing of the past (any bouncing around competitors on the screen). This allows close racing – and nearby racing will provide the pilot with the psychological excitement that many want!

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