Car race in Nebraska

The 1-80 Speedway opened in 1994 in Greenwood, Nebraska, and sponsored weekly races on a 4/10 mile sewer over the next seven years. In 2001, the track was purchased and renamed to the Nebraska Speedway. In 2004, the owners took up the Little Sunset; is a 1/8 mile carting facility. In 2005, the Soaring Eagle Motocross facility was opened, and today the entire complex is known as the Nebraska Raceway Park. The Raceway Tops Ensures All Racers' Favorite Sports

Raceway's competitions include NASCAR Whelan Series, NCRA, Monster Truck, CLMA Late Models, Demolition Derbies, Free-Style Motocross, ASCS 360 Sprint, Pro Modified, Craftsman, Pro Am, Hobby Stock and much more. They offer a wide variety of family entertainment events throughout the year. For most events adult tickets are $ 15.00. The sound of screaming engines is heard as Raceway brings back the fan favorite, the Crash-O-Rama event. The Derby offers $ 9,000. The wallet drives the leaders. The full degradation derbys of the evening competitions, the heat races, the heat racing demo of the trucks and the car of the 1980s or later. This event is a mass of knights, hard falls, steam engines and crisp metals.

The Soaring Edge Motocross track at Nebraska Raceway offers motocross fans a wide selection of events. There are two classes; Heartland MX and Full throttle. Each class organizes regular racing events throughout the season. The Little Sunset Karting Course offers 5-75 clean and safe fun for kids. The kart course is designed to help train drivers and help them develop good driving skills. Many class classes can compete; Rookie, Junior 1 Gas, Junior 1 Alcohol, Stock Heavy, Stock Animal, Rookie Champ, Junior 1 Champion, Junior 2 Champion and Adult. Karting competition is fun, fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

In the Raceway complex, free camping is allowed but there is no connection. Further campings are available at Pine Grove RV Park. The Mid-Nebraska Speedway on Grand Island is the "Racers Choice". The Speedway season includes Grand National Late Models, IMCA hobby kits, Happy Hornets, Wild Wacky Cruisers and NCRA and CLMA. Numerous special events are organized throughout the year. Competition runs every Saturday night from April to September. Tickets start at $ 8.00 for adults on regular weekly races. Special events cost $ 15.00.

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